Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This post has nothing at all to do with Christmas. 

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true because I was actually at a Christmas party… which gave me the idea (you’ll find out in a minute)… which may not have the happiest of results but definitely happier than I had expected… still, I’ve got a some serious work to do.

So, other than the party this post has nothing to do with Christmas.

There I was, at my Relief Society Christmas dinner Tuesday night.  My mom went with me because ever since she’s been back from California, we are pretty much joined at the hip.  It’s been a lot of fun. 

We had just finished the dinner portion (lasagna) and the program was starting.  A fashion show!  Mostly dresses because our theme came from the book The Hundred Dresses and we, as a Relief Society tried to collect 100 dresses for charity.  I’m not sure how many we actually ended up with but I think we collected more.  Go us! 

Anyway, there were a couple of girls in the fashion show who modeled their wedding dresses.  One of them has three little girls and the other has a little boy.  They both looked absolutely stunning in their dresses!  They FIT!  Gorgeous!

It got me thinking… (scary, I know!)

I thought, hmm, I wonder if I could fit into my wedding dress.  I think I could have after my first round of P90X (I finished in June) but I’ve since gained almost all a smidgen of the weight back.  And did you know that five pounds of muscle takes up way less space than five pounds of fat?  Yes, I’m sure you knew that.  Even I know that but for heaven’s sake, does it really need to be that way?  So, even if I weighed the same amount now but replaced all the fat with muscle, I would be a different dress size.  How rude! 

Can’t I just take a magic pill to turn it all into muscle? 

So sorry, I’m getting way off track here. 

Back at the ranch… I got home Tuesday night and pulled out my wedding dress.  I haven’t tried it on for over 11 years!!  (Holy cow is it dirty!  I think I forgot to have it cleaned after the wedding… whoops!)  Anthony couldn’t figure out what the heck I was doing but I asked him to come over and help me zip it up.  THIS was it!  The moment of truth…. 

Would it zip?  I was sure it would stop in the middle of my back. 

Surprisingly, it zipped… all.the.way!!  No problems! 

Ok, so maybe there was a bit of tugging and prodding and maybe I had to suck in a bit.  I may have even had a lot of a little trouble breathing once it was on but the point is, it zipped! 

Anthony thought it hilarious that I couldn’t breathe.  I practically had to beg him to unzip the dress for me.  The punk rocker, sheesh! 

And thus begins my new round of P90X.  I’m gonna get back into that wedding dress!  Maybe I’ll be asked to model it in a fashion show one day.  Good thing I wasn’t asked this time around, eh?  I’ll let you know how it fits after 90 days ;)

Anyone else wanna get back into their wedding dress with me?  We can do it!!



Kendra said...

That's why I rented mine.... I'll never know :)

Kristin said...

Way to go! If I were as tiny as you- and had 5 kids- I would be really excited to fit it my dress! :)
It was fun to feel all princess-y, although I felt a little embarrassed standing in front of everyone. And I'm pretty sure the only reason they asked me to wear it was because I was in a conversation... etc etc.

Emily Buck said...

I'm already on that quest too!! Although I was married only about 5 years ago and I have only 2 kids. But I think I gained more weight haha I started a blog about my weight loss journey :) It's been amazing! Good luck to you!! You can totally do it!