Monday, December 12, 2011

“I needa go potty!”

I really hope we can still be friends after this post. 

I had a nice Christmas-y post planned for today but when my kids give me something blog worthy (in other words, something I want to remember), I’ve just got to go with it.  Christmas tomorrow… I promise!!


Today (Monday) was my mother-in-law’s birthday… Happy Birthday to her!  She invited everyone over for chili and cornbread.  As we were waiting for the chili to finish cooking, Anthony and his dad decided to go to Lowe’s for some materials they needed for my in-law’s basement that Anthony is currently working on. 

Anthony offered to take C with him.  I am not one to argue ;)

When they got back, C came running in telling me that he had ‘peed in the potty at the store!’

Indeed, he had… Anthony took pictures to prove it.  Although, I couldn’t figure out why this was so significant.  He’s been potty trained for quite some time.

potty 4

potty 1

Then I heard the full story from Anthony and his dad (who could not stop laughing, by the way)!

C had told them twice, “I needa go potty!”

Apparently the plea fell on deaf ears.  But no matter, C found his own potty while Anthony was 2 aisles away and Grandpa couldn’t keep up. 

potty 3

**The zoomed out version of the first picture**

That’s right… he peed in one of the display toilets… at Lowe’s! 

I was mortified upon hearing the news.  The first question I asked was “Did you at least tell someone?” 

Yes, Anthony told someone.  He claimed to know that would be the first question I would ask. 


So, was that just too much?  Are we still friends?

In all fairness, he’s 3.  He has no idea that he did anything wrong.  That’s what makes it so funny to me!


Kristin said...

LOL! What a know when you have to go, you have to go. :)

Tristan said...

That's hilarious - and should be a good lesson for those men who ignored a little boy's potty request!

Briana said...

Oh mah word! Guffaws could be heard coming out of my office!

Cari said...

That is awesome. I was just laughing with my MIL the other day about my boys saying at least they haven't peed in the toilets at Home Depot yet! I'm so glad they got a picture of it- that is something you do not want to let him forget!

Jessica said...

Oh my. I need to stop reading your blog. You are making me nervous about my first boy coming next month! ;)

Kendra said...

We are totally still friends because that is SOOOOOO stikin funny!!!

Emily said...

That is awesome! being a photographer...i am so glad he got a photo of the event. Blackmail!!!

Brooke said...

I know! Next time maybe they'll be a little quicker to react. Let's hope so...

Brooke said...

You never know... I'd watch out, for sure!

Brooke said...

Be afraid... be VERY afraid! Boys are completely different creatures.

But really they are a lot of fun. Just very very busy!