Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas List, Revisited

It’s WAY too late for a Christmas post at this point, I know.  But I’m procrastinating holding off on doing my New Year’s Resolution post (one of which is to stop procrastinating ;)) in order to… perfect the resolutions.  And then I can leave out the ones that I’ve already smudged on.  See how that works?  You wish YOU had held off on your own Resolution post now.  Ha!

But seriously, I was looking over my Christmas list again and guess what… I got EVERYTHING on my list!  Well, in one form or another anyway.  Anthony wasn’t so lucky but hey, we’re talking about MY list.  When he gets his own blog, he can gripe about not getting everything on his list.  This is my blog.   

**Side note:  I really do love my Afony.  The previous comment was all in jest.**

First up, my WANT:  A new camera (DSLR)… let’s come back to that one.

Next, my NEED:  Dishwasher!  Can you believe my parents bought us a new dishwasher?  The old one… UGH!  We had to prop a chair in front of it because it didn’t latch, but surprisingly, it would still run… even with the door wide OPEN.  C, B, and I all got sprayed in the face a few times.  Normal dishwashers will stop when the door opens.  Not that one.  And to top it all off, more than half the dishes would come out with gross nasties all over them.  It was beyond frustrating.  I have to admit that I was a little frustrated with the new one at first, too.  The dishes still came out dirty until Anthony checked the water pressure in the line to the dishwasher a few days later.  **Drip, drip, drip** Next to nothing was coming out!  Got that fixed and VOILA!!  A magically CLEAN dishwasher!  I’m so in love with it.    

Third, my WEAR:  A bra! Well, I don’t actually have this in hand yet. One of my new blog friends sent me an e-gift card to Victoria’s Secret. I need to go be fitted and then order what I want online. Now that all the holiday bustle is over, I can sneak away and do that.  A HUGE thanks to her for being so generous! (I won’t link you to her because I don’t know if she wants to be identified.)

Fourth, my READ:  My brother got me a book with all the Jane Austen novels.  I am so excited to read them! 

Finally, my EXTRA:  We got a board game called… what was it again?  Budweiser?  No, that’s not it…  BEZZERWIZZER (Anthony just likes to call it Budweiser).  Lots of fun! 

So you see, I got everything. on. my. list. 

Oh wait!  I didn’t tell you about my new camera.

No, I didn’t get a new DSLR (I wish!) buuuut, I did find this cool new app for my phone called Retro Camera (I have no affiliation whatsoever with the makers of this app.  I just found it.) and I love it!

You get to choose from several (several as in 6) different old school cameras and snap away.  Here are some examples:

The Barbl:

retro 1   retro 6

Little Orange Box:

retro 2

retro 7 

Xolaroid 2000:

retro 10

retro 11

Pinhole Camera:

retro 4

retro 3

retro 8


retro 9


retro 5


Some of the cameras allow both color and black & white.  But the best part is that it’s FREE!! 

Which camera is your favorite?  I think I like the Pinhole camera best.

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