Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome Home, Sissy!

This is Sissy.  She’s naughty!


She adopted us a year ago this past December.  There we were (Anthony and I) getting ready to go on a date.  A REAL date!!  That, my friends, does not happen often.  We had a babysitter and everything.  We were going on a real date!

Focus, Brooke.  We’re not talking about dating… we’re talking about Sissy.

Anyway, our ride had just shown up.  We were headed downtown to see Savior of the World (Awesome show, by the way!) with Anthony’s sister and her husband.  Anthony and I had last minute touch-ups going on. 

Dating is kind of a big deal for us.  Touch ups are necessary! 

As we were just about ready to go, I heard a loud mewing coming from outside. 

“What IS that?”

My brother-in-law replied, “It’s a cat.  It’s out on your porch.  We just saw it.”

I looked out the window in the door and sure enough, there she was.  Tired, hungry, FREEZING!!  It was so cold that night (if I remember it was about 8 degrees) and she was absolutely nothing but skin and bones. 

Like an idiot I pleaded for Anthony to grab her a can of tuna.  He warned me that if we did that, we’d have a cat on our hands for good.  I was sure she’d eat, move on, find another schmuck, and we’d be good to go.  We would have only done our good cat deed for the year and that would be it.  I’m sure they give ‘good cat deed points’ in heaven. 

We got home that night and there was no kitty to be found.  Phew, I was right! 

But the very next night, there she was, mewing at the door. 

I caved.  Yes, it took no time at all.  We let her in, fed her and attempted to find her a good home.  Anthony had tried to convince me to keep her but I was not going to give in.  NO WAY!  We tried for a few days.  And after our half-hearted attempts were a no go…. well, she’s still here! 

And then we named her.  I thought her name should be Stray.  We even called her that for the first day and a half.  Anthony decided to change it.  PUNK!  What kind of name is Sissy, anyway?  Whatever.

She’s put on a lot of poundage.  She’s not a fan of the dogs, the boys (they chase her and pull her tail), and she’s even a little skittish around the girls sometimes but we’ve never had a problem with her biting or scratching anyone.

And she LOVES me!  That darn cat won’t leave me alone.  And I’m allergic!  She gives me hives when she touches me with her wet nose.  Lavender oil fixes that problem. 

She only LIKES Anthony.  Sorry Mr. Head, I win this one.  She looooooves me.  Remember?  All the kids love YOU more… Hmph!  (“I wish Daddy could stay home and YOU could go to work, Mom.”  Gee thanks, I love you too!)

Speaking of Sissy again, she decided to go on a little escapade outside this past New Year’s Eve.  We searched for her for days!  Even put an ‘ad’ on facebook.  An ad on facebook… that’s funny, no?  We were all worried!  Little A was devastated and checked for her at the door every 5 – 10 seconds. 

There was no sign of her…

Until last night!  She showed up again and she is never allowed outside again.  She’s in big trouble!  Worrying us like that… how inconsiderate! ;)

My favorite part about Sissy showing up again is the one way conversation H had with her.

“Sissy, where have you been?  Are you dating?”  She better not be!

Then she proceeded to ask me if cats get married.  After all, “They know how to talk to each other.  So maybe they DO get married!  And maybe they wear little bowties and wedding dresses and stuff.”

Maybe so.  Anyone ever been invited to a cat wedding?


Heather Brokaw said...

This is too funny! I remember when my kids were little, and brought home strays all the time. One even brought home a kitty a week from labor. THAT was a mess! LOL I love your blog's. Very nice!!!

Dana said...

Well we picked up a stray cat. We named him Sunday, he was found on Sunday outside of church crying in the bushes and he was black and white. His name was changed to Wednesday (don't ask). We had him for 16 years. He was a protector cat he would guard the kids at night. Unfortunately he became ill and we had to send him off to animal Heaven last month. They so become part of the family. Glad Sissy is HOME!!!