Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scripture Study

Up until this past October, I had never really had a plan for studying my scriptures.  Anthony and I decided when the last session of General Conference rolled around that we needed a real plan.  Something that we could both stick with and even work on together. 

The plan…

Anthony reads and studies during lunch at work.  Yes, he’s had a few snickers and laughs about that from co-workers but unlike in years past, it doesn’t bother him.  We’ve been deeply humbled by circumstances in the past few years and while it certainly hasn’t been easy, I can honestly say that it’s been worth it!  The ‘world’ has much less of an influence on both of us and we just don’t really care what the ‘world’ thinks.  We are a PECULIAR people!  :)

I read just after lunch when the boys go to bed.  The girls have quiet time and I am able to sit and read with… minimal interruptions.  There are always a few.  I mean, c’mon, we’ve got a gazillion kids! 

Yes, five is the new gazillion.

As a couple, Anthony and I study together after family scriptures and once the kids are all in bed.  In addition to our scriptures themselves, here’s what our ‘study’ looks like. 

scripture study

We’ve started scripture journals!  Mine is on the bottom.  Anthony even takes his to work and fills it out.  He is NOT a journal guy.  The only journals he’s ever kept are the two from his mission.  Other than that, nothing!  I found this fabulous blog (scripture journal tips here) that has really helped in so many ways.  She is amazing!  I can’t tell you what her blog has done for my study of the scriptures.  Remember, I’m a first-timer here.  I’ve never made it through the whole BOM… don’t judge.  

If you’re interested in starting your own scripture journal, the above links are FABULOUS for ideas on what to include and how to do it but there are some awesome pages (along with more ideas) to print from Latter-Day Homeschooling (which I am a contributor for on the 16th of every month ;)). 

I have to admit that Anthony is actually far more dedicated about scripture journaling than I am.  He comes home and tells me about things he wants to ponder and epiphanies he has.  They’re all right there in his big ol’ binder full of inspirational thoughts and wisdom.  Everything from the Higher Priesthood to temple sessions to parenting to likening the scriptures.  I’ve never seen him more excited about studying the scriptures.  He loves having somewhere to write his personal thoughts and insights. 

Guys, it’s like I have a new husband!  One that keeps a journal… of sorts.  It’s always bothered me that I am not even mentioned in any journals of his because he hasn’t kept one for the whole time I’ve known him.  Guess what… I’m in his scripture journal.  He really does think about me!  Oh, the kids are there, too.  He loves us!!

As for me, I’m working on utilizing my scripture journal more.  I guess I’m just not as insightful. 


What about you?  Do you keep a scripture journal or any journal at all for that matter? 

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Cari said...

That is the most amazing blog- such an awesome idea. I actually started scripture journaling, but it was taking way too much time because I am so OCD about it. I abandonded it for now but am definitely going to pick it up again once my kids are older (and are sleeping through the night). I do try to keep my journal close by though and record any inspiration that comes.