Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Happy New Year!

I feel like I’m so behind but I have to blog this stuff just for my own remembrance. 

How did we celebrate the New Year?  We stayed home… just us (we’ve NEVER done that for New Year’s).  After all the baptism hoopla was done, K and I ran to Target to exchange some shoes that C got for Christmas.  They were ginormous!  Meanwhile, Anthony turned on the Utah bowl game….

Which the Utes won!  Go UTES!! 

This is a pic of B celebrating with one of the players in the background.  Like I’m gonna know who it is.  I think Anthony said it’s someone with the last name of White.  Do I get any points for knowing that much?  Go me!? 


Later that evening, we started our own ‘party’.  Of course it couldn’t begin without first putting the boys to bed.  We told the girls they could stay up until midnight.

Do you let your kids stay up? 

The boys went to bed at 8:30 and then we pulled out the games.  Games are hard with two little boys.  One just blatantly destroys them (that would be B) while the other claims that he want to play ‘nicely’ but the second something doesn’t go his way, he’s all about throwing pieces and demolishing everything that’s set up. 

That is why the games didn’t come out until then.  We even got to play the Wii.  The girls think it’s hilarious to watch Anthony and I make fools of ourselves play!  We’re pretty much awesome.

Then we flipped the TV on just a few minutes before the ball dropped (What’s New Year’s without the ball drop?), drank some sparkling cider and went to bed…. after taking a New Year’s picture, of course.  I’m awesome at taking pics backwards, no?

  new year

It was so nice after all the Christmas festivities, the baptism, the birthday party, etc (all held at our house) to just be able to spend some fun, quality time with the kids.  All by ourselves!  We loved it!

And of course on New Year’s Day we wrote down some goals for 2012.  That’s a post coming later.  So behind! 


How did you celebrate?


Sharlee said...

That Ute is John White IV. AKA, Aaron's man-crush! He wants to name our next child after him. Actually, we are supposed to have two more boys now: one named Paul Kruger Junior, and one named John White V. These boys and their Utes!

Kendra said...

I didn't see the ball drop, it felt so weird no to! We had a fun dinner out, and then a movie in, put the kids to bed at 10...we did an early new years party at my moms on Thursday night and the kids stayed up late. After 10 my husband watched the green lantern and I fell asleep. I woke up as it was getting over and leaned over and told him happy new year and went back to bed...totally boring :) Well at leas the whole midnight part was.

Julia said...

Kadence stayed up till midnight!! What was I thinking? She did it again yesterday. I have a problem. I put her to bed, she just doesn't go to sleep.
I'm glad you had a nice new years!!