Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Regrow Your Green Onions

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I admit, I was skeptical.  Maybe I’m just a skeptical person in general but I thought there was no way I could really take my used green onions and regrow them.  Totally… dead… wrong! 

Look what happened! 

green onion

We used the green part only on our Thai Chicken Pizza so I ‘replanted’ the roots in water.  The growth shows immediately after cutting, 4 days later, and finally a full week’s worth of growth!  Pretty cool, eh?  

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Cari said...

I saw this in Pinterest too- and since I use green onions all the time, was so excited. It totally works! Mine grew so fast (almost too fast!) After 2 months or so the roots got super long and kind of slimey (even though I changed the water) so I replaced them with a new batch, but I was completely suprised and so glad it worked!