Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kids Say…

My kids make me laugh every day.  They say the funniest things and I need to record them somewhere so I can always remember.  Feel free to read along and laugh… or not because some things are just funnier if you were there. 

Let’s start with B.  He doesn’t say a whole lot yet but I want to record what he does say and how he says it.

  • sign language – milk, please, sorry (the basics)
  • cup – ‘bup’
  • stop – ‘bop’
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • belly button – turns his mouth into an O and wiggles his tongue back and forth with noise.  Kind of like an Indian sound.  Does that make sense?
  • K – Lala
  • A – Nuh Nuh
  • H – Hee Hee
  • C – Muh Muh
  • B – doesn’t say anything, just points to himself
  • juice – ‘zhoos’
  • cracker – ‘cacka’
  • shoes – ‘oosh’
  • bye bye – ‘bubBO’
  • dog – ‘Ga’
  • all gone – ‘ga gone’

C has a language all his own.  Just yesterday I got a phone call from a lady in my ward.  She didn’t know who she was calling.  She had just received three phone calls over the past two days from my phone number and was calling to see what it was about.  When I told her who I was she laughed and laughed and laughed after realizing that it was C calling her.  She had been expecting an oriental person because that is what she thought was C was speaking. 

Some of my favorite C sayings make absolutely no sense.  The most recent being, “I was ever.” 

Ok, you were ever what?  He just says it at random times. 

He used to say, “Ever he did!” all the time but I had no idea what it meant.  The girls and I tease him about that one still and say, “Hey C, ever he did?” 

To which he replies with a courtesy laugh, “Nooo.  He didn’t.”  He used to tell people to “Be a man!” 

C calls both the heater and the computer “peter”.  So, it’s kind of funny when he says things like, “I needa go sit on the peter!”  or “Mom, you playing on the peter?”  Ok, I know that one sounds bad but seriously, he’s 3.  And it’s kind of hilarious coming from him. 

And now we’ll move on to H… SHE has got some AWESOME one-liners.  The most recent is from just the other day, “Wow K, you do make-up really good.  You should be an orthodontist!”  Because apparently orthodontists double as make-up artists. 

On September 11th of last year we were telling the girls about the events of that fateful day.  I told them that they had shut down all the airports and weren’t letting anyone fly or they would be shot out of the sky.  H looked very concerned and said, “Even the birds?”

Another of her famous lines comes from the following conversation:

H:  Mom, do grown ups throw up?

Me:  Yes, we do.

A:  Yeah, everybody throws up.

H:  Even Chinese people?!?

Ha ha!  That one gets me every time!  I love repeating that story.

Ready for another H-ism?  It’s here in the following conversation.

H:  Grandma, you have boobs!

My mom:  Yes, H.  Thanks for noticing.

H:  My Daddy doesn’t have boobs.  He has NIBBLES!

Another conversation… bear with me

Me:  So girls, what kind of animal would you want to be if you could ANY animal in the world?

A and K: (I don’t know who said what… I just know they were all cool, majestic animals)  A cheetah, or maybe a tiger.  No, maybe I wanna be a lion.  Or a jaguar!

H:  (in the most innocent way)  I wanna be a camel!

A camel?  Really?  What kid wants to be a camel?  We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Let’s move on to A.  She’s got some good ones too.  Once while at Costco when she was about 2 or 3 years old I had told her that I wasn’t very happy with her.  She kept running off and I was going to make her sit in the cart if she didn’t listen.  She looked at me and started waving her chubby little hand at me and said, “Biddy Boddy and a BOO!  You’re happy now, Mom!”  I have to admit that it did put a smile on my face.

Another time when she was just barely two, if that, we were at Chili’s restaurant with some family members.  A was sitting in her high chair at the end of the table and people were asking her to repeat words.  Mind you, that child was speaking in full sentences at a very young age.  People were telling her to say aluminum and she’d say it like she’d said it a thousand times before.  Cinnamon, no problem.  Spaghetti, check.  Basically any word they could throw at her that most kids her age and even older would have a problem with.  And she was loving the attention she got with each correct word.  My cousin finally said, “Hey A, say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” 

A looked down, looked back up at my cousin, then back down again.  And her head stayed down for quite a while.  We all thought she had forgotten or was ignoring the request.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, she looked up again and said, “HOLY CRAP!”

Ok, we all about laughed ourselves silly over that one.  It was so stinkin’ funny!  Maybe it’s one of those ‘had to be there’ moments but we sure got a kick out of it. 

K was a funny little girl.  Now she’s a funny big girl.  I remember once when she was two and A was just about 6 months.  Anthony and I were giving them a bath and noticing how A’s bum was so much bigger that K’s.  A was an extremely chubby baby!  It’s hard to believe seeing how tiny she is now but I promise she was sooo adorably chubby!  I had mentioned to Anthony that A’s bum was bigger and K got really upset. 

K:  I have a big bum too.

Me:  No, you have a little bum.

K:  (crying)  I wanna have a big bum!

Another K-ism was when we had just moved back to Utah from South Carolina.  We were staying with Anthony’s parents until we found an apartment.  We (Anthony, K, A and myself) were all crammed into one little room.  One night just before bed, I noticed K was picking her nose as I was about to turn the light off. 

Me:  K, don’t pick your nose.

K:  Ok.

(I flip the switch and lay down.  About 15 seconds later…)

K:  Ma, pick my nose!  (She was basically informing me that she was picking her nose again.)

One last one for K, one time at about age 4 she said to me, “Boys are sons and girls are sweethearts, huh Mom.”

How could I argue with that one?


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Emily Buck said...

hahaha I love it! Kids are so funny! Kendal asked me a few weeks ago if when Heavenly Father created us, "did he paint some people?" I tried so hard to not laugh, too hard! But it's so innocent. I love it! (Haven't been on the computer in a while...trying to catch up on your posts! Sorry to hear about the freezer stink! Yuck! Glad all that food didn't go bad! That would be awful!)