Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter at the Zoo

We promised the kids last week that would take them to the zoo that Saturday.  After all, they are open year round and my sister gave our family an annual pass for Christmas last year. 

The weather here in Utah has been extremely abnormal for December and January.  Mother nature is NOT doing her job.  Maybe she’s just getting forgetful in her old age.  I’m thinking of submitting my resume for the job.  Where would one send such a resume, anyway?  Hmmm…  I would promise to make it snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas every year.  Didn’t happen this year, now did it?  NO!  My kids were outside in light jackets!  We’ve had nothing but light dustings of snow, and only a couple of them at that.  I want a redo!  

Man, I am good at getting off subject.

Anyway, the weather has been unseasonably warm so we figured why not?  We should take them to the zoo and see how the animals act in cool-ish weather. 

Wouldn’t you know it, we woke up Saturday to this…

zoo 1

But once you make a promise to kids there’s no turning back, at least not without sad puppy dog faces making you feel guilty for going back on your word.  So we bundled everyone up and off we went!

zoo 15

zoo 5

We found most of the animals to be more active, even as the snow was flying.  Most, not all…

zoo 17

The monkeys gave the kids a good show.  Maybe it was one I wasn’t ready to explain to them at this point.  They just think they were climbing on each others backs… we’ll leave it that.

This is NOT one of the PG-13 monkeys… He just wanted to get the tassels on Anthony’s hat.   

zoo 11

   It was our first time ever going in the winter.  I think I rather enjoyed it!  Fun was had by all and there were no crowds… AWESOME!zoo 16


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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Sweet photos! Glad you had fun! We got a show like that at Farm Country once. Some affectionate goats. One of my favorite memories of going to the zoo was on a cold day and it was completely empty too.

And I love this weather! Or at least the lack of snowy roads. I've been thinking I need to move to St. George where it's more like this every year. Though that's probably not going to happen. :)