Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scripture Power!

K is my HERO!!

scripture power 

When she turned 8 years old, Anthony and I challenged her to read the Book of Mormon.  On December 30, 2011 she finished.  It took her just over two years and I am so darn proud of her!

She’s accomplished something that most kids her age have never done.  She took Moroni up on his promise (Moroni 10: 3-5), prayed about what she had read and has determined that it is true.  She started all over again on January 1st!

I have a confession… Not only has she accomplished something that most KIDS have never done, she’s accomplished something that I have never done.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve read the whole thing in pieces and parts many times over but I’ve never sat down and read it from beginning to end.  Never in order.  It’s a work in progress though and I’m going to be finished soon.  How embarrassing to admit that I’ve never read the Book of Mormon myself!  However, even without reading it front to back on my own, I have a testimony of it’s truthfulness.  I have no doubt that it is Another Testament of Jesus Christ!  But I look forward to the day when I am able to pray about it again and gain an even stronger testimony of it’s truth.  That day will come soon, you’ll be sure to hear about it when it happens. ;)

K has been such an inspiration to me.  Every morning for about the past three months or so, when I thought she was still sound asleep, I’d peek in her room and there she would be.  On her bed, scriptures in hand, reading away.  Meanwhile, her little sisters were sawing logs! 

(A has started reading it now that she is eight.  Can’t have that older sister showing her up!  A’s goal is to finish before she’s 9.)

**K, I can’t express how lucky I feel to have you as my firstborn.  You have been such a great example to me of how the gospel works and how to truly live it.  Thank you so much for your quiet example.  You truly are my hero!  I look up to you in so many ways.

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Sharlee said...

K is a great example to me! How awesome! Congrats and go you for raising such an amazing daughter of our Heavenly Father. I hope that I am still in YW when she comes in!