Monday, July 16, 2012

Friday the 13th!

I am not a superstitious person.  Not usually.  But man, oh man!  This past Friday… the 13th, did NOT go my way! 

Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it being Friday the 13th until about noon when I posted this on my facebook wall, “Wow! Barely noon and already we've had our washer overflow, 3 bee stings, and a curtain rod bent and pulled out of the wall. Awesome!”

To which one of my friends replied, “It's a Friday the 13th kinda day!!!! Lol!!!!” 

That’s when it hit me.  No wonder it’s been a crazy day!  And that’s when I decided that I was homebound for the day.  I was NOT about to go anywhere.  Who knows what could have happened! 

So, let me set up the scenario.  All of the above happened within 15 minutes! 

I had just gone downstairs to change the laundry when I noticed the laundry room floor was covered in water.  NICE!  What had happened?  I knew when we acquired the washer from my sister not to turn it to the Super setting.  She warned us that it would overflow.  Other than that, everything worked great.  Then just last week it started acting funny when I put it on the Small setting.  It would just keep washing and rewashing so if I didn’t catch it right after it’s spin cycle it would fill up again and start over. 


The only setting left was Large.  I remember teasing Anthony about it, “Well, once the Large setting stops working I guess we’re sunk!”  And then Friday it happened.  The large setting overflowed the machine!  Luckily, the next day, after a little probing of our good friend Google, we found a youtube video that allowed Anthony to locate and fix the problem.  Only the Large setting works still.  We don’t know what the problem is with the other two settings. 

Anyway, as I was surveying the damage done by our not-so-good-friend, Mr. Washer, when I heard C come in from the backyard. 

He was screaming!  K went up to see what the fuss was all about and brought him down to me saying that she thought he had been stung by a bee.  Sure enough there was sting to both the back of his head and his hand.  Though I think it was a hornet or yellow jacket because there were no stingers in his skin.

The next thing I know B came in screaming, too.  The same scream, which most likely meant another sting.  Yep, on the arm. 


Right now I am going give a little shout out to some of my BESTEST friends in the world… Melaleuca and Lavender

We’ve had stings before and done the ice cubes, meat tenderizer, mud… nothing takes the sting away and nothing helps the swelling go down very quickly.  K and A both had stings on the same day several years ago and both were in pain all. day. long! 

I decided to try one drop of Melaleuca on each sting (to prevent infection), followed by one drop of Lavender (to take the burning/stinging/itching sensation away).  The boys were ready for play within seconds…. literally. 

No sooner had I done that than I look over and they (along with H and A) are playing in the kitchen curtains and have pulled out the rod was bent.  UGH!  Luckily I’m married to a handy man! 

One hour later, this is what the stings looked like! 

bees 1

bees 2

C wouldn’t let me take a pic so I had to sneak that one in.  For a minute I thought I had taken a pic of the wrong hand but it’s not!  B just had a red dot but no swelling.

Luckily, the rest of the day went pretty well!  And no, we didn’t end up going anywhere.  I was scared, I admit it. 


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Emily said...

Oh Brooke!! I'm so sorry!!! I can't believe that happened! And on Friday the 13th!! Glad you decided to stay home!