Friday, July 6, 2012

Why We Found Out…

Anthony and I were so determined to be surprised with this baby.  We’ve found out with all our other kids what they were at the 20 week ultrasound.  This time we figured we’ve got all the stuff for either one so it really doesn’t matter. 

baby boy 6

Ok, I admit to wanting to have a baby girl.  My boys are great fun, don’t get me wrong but have you seen all the darling girl stuff there is for babies these days?  When I had my first three, the trend was little, skinny headbands with little tiny bows or flowers.  So cute but now it’s the gigantic flowers the size of the baby’s head!  I LOVE IT!  I so want to dress a baby girl again.  Anthony was positive this was a girl!

I won’t go into too much detail as this is really not my story to tell.  Anthony had a dream one night about a baby (this was just after B was born) and it was a girl.  She called him Daddy and so we knew there was another baby waiting to join our family.  He’s been talking to the baby since we first found out and asking how his little princess is doing. 

I wasn’t so sure it was a princess.  I’m always wrong so I thought, if I think ‘boy’ it’ll be a girl!  Right? 

Now, let me paint the picture…

- Anthony is the ONLY boy out of EIGHT kids!  And he didn’t come along until #6.

- I have one sister and one brother.

- After having three girls in a row, we thought it was pretty amazing that we could have a boy, C, with #4.

- Then B came along and we knew it was a fluke/miracle! 

And now I’ll tell you why we found out. 

Anthony was unable to go with me to the ultrasound this time.  First time ever which would inevitably mean that there would be something wrong and I would have to learn about it all by myself with no one there to dry my tears, right?  That’s what I thought.  I was genuinely worried.  But K wanted to come.  Then I worried that she would have to hear about it with me and not know how to console her uncontrollably sobbing mother. 

**Thankfully nothing is wrong.  All the worry was for naught.**

So, we told the u/s tech that we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby.  She told us to look away while she found out the gender first.  Once she determined the baby’s gender and wrote it on piece of paper (for my mother who insisted on knowing… silly mom) she told us we could look.  She was about to snap the pic of the top of the baby’s head to measure it and baby did a flip.  At that point, I saw!  There was no denying it… she grimaced, hoping I wasn’t able to determine what I had just seen. 

Um, yeah, with 5 kids already under my belt… I’m pretty good at knowing the parts of a baby via ultrasound.

Baby Boy 2

I mentioned that I had seen and said, “Oh, it’s a boy, huh?”  She apologized profusely.

And I know it’s awfully selfish of me to say that I was ever so slightly disappointed… but only for half a second.  Where was the little girl from the dream?  Does that mean I’m supposed to go for number seven? 

Then it hit me how fun and exciting it would be to have three of each.  WOW!  I am blessed beyond measure.  We may not be rich in the world’s eyes but I am filthy rich in blessings!  Each new child that has joined our family has brought more blessings with them.  

After that, our new baby BOY was determined to show himself off time and time again.  He would not sit still for anything.  The tech said, “I’ve never dealt with a baby so determined to show himself off.  He’s naughty already!”

Indeed, he is.  ;)  There was no way I could have not found out unless I had not watched the whole thing.  But that’s no fun!

baby boy 3 **The pic above is one of my favorites.  I can’t decide if he’s telling us he’s number 1 or if he’s confused about which finger to use when flipping us off for thinking he was a girl.  Hmm… Or maybe, just maybe he thinks WE’RE #1.  Eh?**

At one point I asked the lady if they did 3d ultrasounds.  I’ve always wanted one but never had one. 

THEY DID!  But she warned me at only 19 1/2 weeks the baby would look… alien-ish.  They don’t have enough meat on their bones to look good yet.  30 weeks was the best time.  But she obliged and let me see my baby in 3d.

baby boy 4

YIKES!  She was right!

But we were able to get a couple of not so scary shots.  Maybe?  Ok, still a little… different.

baby boy 5

Anthony’s reaction was the best.  When I called him to tell him I knew he asked why I found out.  I told him, “It’s kind of hard not to when your SON likes to show himself off!'”

His exact words were, “WHAT!?  Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?”

I think he was sick of his dad calling him a princess.  He was going to let us know that indeed, he is NOT a princess!

Hooray for a new baby boy!!



LeShel said...

So, does this mean you have to go another round to make Anthony's dream come true??

Brooke said...

That's what I'm wondering now. I don't know if I can do 7! Guess we'll have to wait and see. We can't even afford the 6 we're going to have so... I MIGHT consider #7 once the financial situation improves... dramatically!