Monday, July 2, 2012

Why Essential Oils?

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I just have to let you know up front that I am NOT against doctors or modern medicine in any way!  However, I believe that we (especially Americans) have this idea that modern medicine is the answer to everything and that there is no other way. 

Ever noticed the long list of side effects listed in pharmaceutical commercials?  Liver damage, numbness, blood clots, kidney failure, vision damage, hearing loss, etc.  Some even include DEATH!  Umm, no thanks! 

I absolutely believe that God put certain plants and herbs here on this earth for our use.  In fact, the scriptures even say so.  And what did the wise men bring to Jesus?  Frankincense and Myrrh (and gold of course ;))!  So they’ve got to be of great value.  You wouldn’t bring the Savior a twig.  I mean, really. 

And yes, like many of you I was a huge skeptic at first.  I thought they were silly and nonsensical.  But I’ve changed my tune.  They’ve proven themselves to me time and time again.  Do I still use and need doctors?  Absolutely!  Do we still take over the counter medications and prescriptions when needed?  Absolutely!  But I have found that we need the doctors and meds less often with the use of essential oils.  Most of our mini- ‘medical emergencies’ can be taken care of at home.  We have treated everything from pink eye, fevers, aches/pains,

and ear infections to common colds and flu.  The cost is much less than going in for a doctor visit every time (often to just have them tell me it’s a virus and I just need to let it ‘run it’s course’) or buying over the counter meds for every little thing. 

That’s another thing.  Most meds are unable to treat viruses because the virus lives inside your cells.  Essential oils are small enough in molecular structure that they can actually penetrate the cell and fight the virus.  How amazing is that?  LOVE IT! 

Now, as I mentioned before, modern medicine certainly has it’s place.  In fact, I would not be having baby #6 without it… LOVE me some epidural!  And there is no oil in the whole wide world that is going to put a broken bone back together.  There are also plenty of diseases and ailments out there that require medicinal intervention.  But I also know that there are oils to help aid in the healing process and with regulation of those ailments.  For example, certain oils have been known to help regulate blood sugar in diabetics.  Some help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  And I even know of some people who no longer need an inhaler for their asthma.  They are able to instead use an oil called ‘Breathe’.

There are even options for ADD and ADHD which I am so excited about because I am 99.99% sure that C has ADHD.  He hasn’t ever been officially diagnosed (too young) but we’ve had several people agree with our opinion.  People that have kids who have been diagnosed.  All I know is that if something natural can help him I’m all for it over the medications. 

I think it’s nothing short of miraculous!  Nature has it’s healing properties and I believe we should use them when we can.

Certainly I am no expert but if you have any questions about essential oils or how to use them please feel free to contact me.  If I don’t know the answer right away I promise to do my best to find out.  Also, visit my website

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