Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just For Fun… Can’t Believe I’m That Far Behind!!

Umm, yeah… it’s a bad sign when you look back at the pictures on your computer and realize that you forgot not only Father’s Day but your own child’s BIRTHDAY as well.  Not really forgot… just never blogged them.  Let’s not get the two confused.

And those cinnamon rolls I promised… yeah, so, I hope you weren’t holding your breath on those.  ;)  They’re still coming.  Eventually. 

But for now let’s backtrack and take care of some unfinished business.  FATHER’S DAY!  The Birthday post will have to wait… gotta do this chronologically.  I’m weird like that. 

This year we didn’t really buy anything (other than junk food ;)) but we wanted to do something more than just cards and well wishes for Anthony.  I found this idea on Pinterest…… about a billion times.  Seriously, I think I saw hundreds of different versions of this and I just thought it was so stinkin’ cute we had to give it a go.  It didn’t really cost a whole lot.  Just bought the sodas, some candy, nuts, and sunflower seeds.  I already had the scrapbooking supplies so there was no added cost there. 

I had told Anthony a few days before that I was going to get a ‘treat’… SODA!  He requested root beer so off I went.  He had no idea that I needed the bottles for his gift.  Unfortunately, when I went to grab the root beer I realized that the bottles weren’t clear. 

We just couldn’t have that.  So, I bought a different flavor and told him they were out of root beer. 

He was bummed.  So, the next day what does he do?  He goes to store to find that the shelves had been ‘restocked’ with the root beer.  K was with him and tried to convince him not to get them because she knew we still had 3 bottles of red soda at home that needed to be drunk (?).  But, he’s a man…

Men don’t listen to reason  ;)

And so, I forced the kids to share two of the bottles and dumped one down the sink.  Who am I kidding?  I didn’t have to force them.  They would have happily downed the third bottle as well but I just couldn’t bare the thought of that much sugar and red dye in their little bodies. 

That night (the night before Father’s Day) we set to work.  Anthony knew we had a project going on and that he was not allowed upstairs.  He had been banished to the dungeon for the night.  Fortunately for him the ‘dungeon’ is his happy place… there’s a TV, I mean, c’mon! 

This story is getting pretty long.  I know it could have been shorter but remember, this is my journal.  You may not need all the details but I do.  :)

Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

soda 1

soda 2

soda 3

soda 4

We had so much fun making this!  And the girls thought writing on the tags was so fun.  Anthony originally took this to work but found that customers were so intrigued by it they wouldn’t leave it alone.  So, three days later it came home again. 

And now, just because I feel the need to share… LOOK AT WHAT B DID TO MY (uh, I mean OUR) COMPUTER!!


Good thing we have a wireless keyboard, eh?

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Emily said...

Yay! Fun gift idea! We sort of did the same thing but in a box :) good old pinterest!