Friday, July 27, 2012

H’s Birthday Post

It’s been over a month since my little H turned SEVEN years old.  My baby girl… another year older.  Weird! 

I think I say it’s weird every time any of my kids have a birthday.  But Wowsers!  Time sure does fly!  Not really a fan of the flying time thing. 

H celebrated her birthday with a few friends in the neighborhood and some family… those that could make it.  While there were lots of fun things that went on that day including a pinata, presents, and lots of laughing, my very favorite picture is the one below.

H's 7th birthday

Such an H face!  Love those thin little pencil line lips and those bright blue eyes standing out from behind that dark hair.  Sometimes I find it odd that my lightest eyed child has the darkest hair.  I love that combo!  And although you can’t see it in the picture, I also love and adore that little munchkin voice she’s got.  Unless she’s talking like a baby… then it’s not so cute.  But when she’s doing her darndest to use big girl words and talk like a grown up it’s so sweet. 

H, I love you so much!  I hope you continue to grow and prosper both physically and spiritually.  You have so much love to give and so much happiness to share!  Your sweet, loving ways have touched so many around you.  I can see the desire in you to learn more about the gospel and the role it currently plays and will play in the future in your life.  Please hold on to that desire and nurture it.  Seek out only the best of influences in everything you do.  Make great friends who have standards and morals similar to your own, read only the best of uplifting books, and always seek to gain knowledge from great mentors! 

You are such a great example to those of us around you.  We all love you so very much.



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