Thursday, July 5, 2012

We’re having a….


Remember me saying that we weren’t going to find out what we are having this time?  Yeah, well, I lied.  We know what it is.  More on that later but first I want to know what YOUR guess is.

Are we having a boy or a girl

Mom, Kortney, and other family members and friends on facebook…. you know I love you but you’re not allowed to guess.


Emily Buck said...

One of each?!? hahaha JK Um...hoping for a girl!

Spencer & Marissa N. said...

they already have 3 girls & 2boys already & they are adding another BOY... Yeah this so exciting Brooke & Anthony, u are terrific, best parents ever, Keep up amazing parenting job u guys do together... TTYL Ur friends/wardfamily