Monday, April 11, 2011

...because that's what grandkids are for

My father-in-law sure is one lucky man to have a grandchild like C.  I tell ya, he's there when "Hi-ya kids" needs him.  **"Hi-ya kids" is what C calls his grandpa because grandpa says "Hi-ya kids" every time he sees them.** 

Yesterday was Grandpa's birthday so K made him a red velvet cake.  So, of course we had to take it over there, equipped with 66 candles!!  Anthony and I lit them with fury because we feared that by the time we got to the last ones, the first ones would be melted.  But, we took care of business, got 'em lit and sang. 

No sooner had we finished the song and Grandpa was about to blow........ out of nowhere, C comes flying in front of "Hi-ya kids" on top of the counter to help put out the forest fire.  He blew, and blew and blew.  And not only did he blow, he SPIT all over the cake while attempting to blow.  All we could do was laugh!  He was sure Grandpa couldn't do it on his own, after all he is 66 now. 

I sure hope my grandkids are there for me when I have trouble blowing out all my candles.  Oh wait, I have trouble blowing them all out already.  Does that make me old?

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Kortney said...

I wouldn't say... OLD... ;) haha!!!