Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Birthday Post!!!!!!

 I finally get to blog the birthdays!  We are at my MIL's so I'm borrowing the wireless.  Woohoo! 

As I go through this, you must remember that I do not claim to be a photographer of any sort.  Nor do I claim to be a FOODtographer.  And I don't have a fancy shmancy camera to help me out.  Just my basic little point and shoot.  Pretend!

Here we are at the zoo... B's first birthday was a big deal so we had to go do something. 

First thing we did (after the infamous elephant head picture, of course) was eat lunch.  Definitely NOT clean in any way but you only have so many choices at the zoo.

Here's the birthday boy!  The sickly birthday boy.  Poor little guy.

The girls were disappointed that the lion fountain wasn't turned on.  They couldn't "drink his spit."

First stop:  Monkeys

And after that it was on the elephants.

At this point A, H, and C all needed to use the restroom so Anthony ran them while K and I tried to get a pic with all three of us in it.  It finally worked after about five tries.

Now time for the awards:  Baby Zuri gets the CUTEST award.  She's a baby, of course she wins.  Babies win every time, right?

This is how close we are to being monkeys...

Next award:  Most H-esque.  This will probably not make sense to most of you but if you know my little H, you'll understand.  Here's the story... One day, K and A were talking about what kind of animals they'd want to be.  Everything flying out of their mouths were fast felines, basically.  Jaguars, tigers, lions, cheetahs.  Guess what H said, "I wanna be a camel."  I ask you... WHAT KID WANTS TO BE A CAMEL?  She's hilarious. 

Most domestic looking.

Most interesting, for sure!  And a new discovery.


Best reading material.

Most beautiful.

Tallest... surprised?

Sickest... poor baby.

C was asleep at this point.

MALT SHOP CUPCAKES!  They were sooo yummy.  I just wish I had a star tip.  Or any tip for that matter.  This party was for B, C, and Anthony all together.  Since they all fall in March it makes it easy to do.  Besides, we had to wait for everyone to be healthy.

B's cake.  Lemon... should have done chocolate just for the pics.

Anthony's cake that K made and decorated all by herself.

We called the cupcakes C's.

Not shy at all about digging in.


He didn't even try the cupcake, just the frosting.

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake.  I made it for Anthony's real birthday.  I'm not a cake decorator so pretend it's wonderful.  It tasted really good, even after C took a chunk out of one layer as it was cooling.  The little stink!

The girls each made Daddy a birthday card.  This is the one from A.  Looks like we'll be practicing our numbers this week. 

I couldn't get this one to go in the right place.  This is how my family joined the party for the boys.  Gotta love SKYPE.  They even made their own cake to enjoy. :)

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