Saturday, April 9, 2011

P90X -- 30 Day Results

We were supposed to take pics and measurements after the first phase which technically ended on Day 28.  We forgot so we took them on Day 30.  Anthony's results are pretty dramatic, at least in my opinion.  Mine aren't quite as dramatic but after taking pictures I can see a difference for sure.  I think it's harder to pinpoint the differences looking in the mirror every day.  So, all that whining I did before, just toss it all aside.  

What you'll see in each set of pictures is first the before, then the after.  I'm not very computer savvy so I don't know how to make a side by side shot.  And also, the only pics you get of yours truly is the back view.  Why?  Well, that would be because the only sports bra I own is white, and being that it's white, it's a bit transparent.  You get the picture.  And again, I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out how to do a cool little bar across the chest so, the back is what you get.  If/when I figure it out, I'll show you.  Most people do the pics in a bikini but guess what, I don't do bikinis.  Therefore, no bikini shots.  ;)

Front view ~~ Before

After 30 days...

Side view ~~ Before

After 30 days

Back ~~ Before

After 30 days

Back and arm muscles ~~ before

After 30 days

Biceps ~~ before

After 30 days

Back ~~ before

After 30 days

Back and arms ~~ Before

After 30 days

Measurements: (before/after) Anthony
waist: 41 / 37
chest:  42 / 39.75
right arm:   14.5 / 13.75
left arm:  14.5 / 13.75
hips:  41.5 / 39.5
right thigh:  25.25 / 24.75
left thigh:  25.25 / 24.5
right calf:  15 1/8 / 15
left calf:  15.25 / 15
neck:  17.25 / 16 1/8
weight:  191 / 180

Measurements:  (before / after) Brooke
waist (measured at narrowest point):  28.5 / 27.5
chest:  34.5 / 33.25 (not exactly where I needed to shrink ;))
right arm:  10.25 / 10.25
left arm:  10.25 / 10.25
hips:  37.25 / 36.5
right thigh:  21 / 21.5 (yikes!)
left thigh:  21.25 / 21
right calf:  13.25 / 13
left calf:  13.25 / 13
weight:  127.5 / 125.5

Update:  You can see front view pics of me here!

I once took an aerobics class and the instructor kept reminding us that the fat you want gone will in fact go away if you keep at it.  She saw that many girls were frustrated at not seeing their stomachs shrinking.  She said that the fat will come off of everywhere else FIRST! before ever coming off your tummy.  "Even your earlobes will shrink before your tummy does!" 

So, while my body is still far from what I'd like to see in the mirror, I know it will happen in time.  I just have to keep pushing myself.  Tony Horton knows what he is doing!  And the results are pretty impressive for only 30 days.  And trust me, if I can do this, ANYONE can.  I am the biggest wimp... EVER!  Ask anyone...


Montie W said...

Hi Brooke -
Don't be too hard on yourself. You are getting good results and you look great.
If you want an easy way to censor pics, do this (on a computer running Windows):
- Create a copy of your pic file (unless you want to permanently change the original) - right click the file icon > copy > right click on the desktop > paste
- Right click the new file icon and select Open with > Paint
- Click the rectangular select tool (a dotted line) in the toolbar
- Click and drag a box around the area you wish to hide - you can do this as many times as it takes to get it in the right spot
- Press delete
- Close the pic and click save when prompted

You can always email or facebook me if you ever need any help with PC stuff. Good luck!

LeShel said...

Great job! I still don't believe I can do this but you go!

Julia Armstrong said...

Fine!!! I'll do it!

Bearden Family said...

You guys look great! I really need to do it!