Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have a friend that just recently started a clean eating blog.  She's got some really great recipes that I can't wait to try (especially since many of them are dessert recipes ;)) 

There have been a few people inquiring about what Anthony and I are doing so I just wanted to give you, in case you're interested, a few tips that seemed to work well for us.  But Brynne answers a lot of questions you may have about clean eating.  

  • Stop drinking your calories!  We drink water only with the exception of one protein shake every day.   That was a toughie for us both.  Anthony was addicted to Coca-cola and I looooove milk.  This is Anthony's greatest achievement (says Anthony)... to stop drinking soda. 
  • Use real butter instead of margarine.  It tastes better anyway, just don't get carried away.  A little bit is good. 
  • Don't count your calories!  Sounds funny, I know.  Not what you're used to hearing but when you are eating the right things, you don't need to.  That's what I love about this 'diet'.
  • Cut the sugar!  This is where I'm definitely still a work in progress.  If the sugar police were around, I'd be fined for sure... if not jailed.  I cheat much more often that 'allowed' in the clean eating plan but I still consume a lot less sugar than I did just 5 or 6 months ago.  A LOT LESS! 
  • Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals per day.  Try to pair a protein with a carb and eat until satisfied, not overly full.  If you're drinking your water like you should be, you should naturally be hungry again about 2-3 hours later.  Don't go much longer than this or your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to whatever you give it. 
  • Lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  Basic, I know but sometimes we get caught up in the ideas of other diets that sound good but really aren't the way to go.  Take for instance my frustration with the P90X diet.  Nothing happened and I felt AWFUL!  Went back to clean eating the last week of the first phase and dropped two pounds.  It works!  And to prove it even further, since then I've already dropped another 3 pounds.  But I'm always full.  My metabolism is on FIRE and I love it!  And I'm not counting calories. 
  • Exercise!  What I've learned is that if you do only cardio (which is essential by the way) you will truly become a smaller version of your current self.  I've always heard that but didn't quite understand it until now.  We started eating clean, lost some weight, added cardio, lost a few more pounds, but we both looked exactly the same, just smaller.  In order to actually change the way your body looks, you have to add resistance or weight training.  P90X is kicking our butts into shape... literally!  The first week or so is really hard (on any exercise program) but after that, you just know it's a necessary evil.  I still don't like exercising but I just keep pushing play.  If I want the change, I have to put in the work. 
  • Listen to your body!  It knows what you need and when you need it.  
We never realized how poor our diet was before.  I thought I felt good.  But after eating clean for a while, we can both tell when something is processed or has a lot of sugar.  Processed foods just sit heavy and doesn't digest as quickly as real food and the sugary stuff makes me feel jittery, not to mention guilty! 

Like I've said before, I am definitely not an expert.  Lots to learn still and much progress to be had but if you have any questions, please let me know.  It's not easy at first but it does get easier. 



Beth said...

So proud of you both!!! You both look great now and before! Congrats on the progress and consistancy!

Kortney said...

I will have to look at your friends thing. :) I have been working out and eating healthier. I started using this thing called It DOES count the calories but it helps give me a good idea on what is good for me and what's not. Sometimes I will enter a food just to see what it says and I am surprised to find out that some of the things that I thought were good, are actually bad!
I am very proud of you kids :) Love you!!!

Lindsay said...

Good for Your Brooke and Anthony! I say Amen and Amen to this post. I started exercising and eating clean (though I didn't know I was eating clean) a couple years ago and life has been so wonderful since then. I was 20lbs lighter and several inches smaller with my 2nd pregnancy (which was healthy btw). My recovery was quicker and easier and bouncing back to post pregnancy bod has been much quicker too. Though I would recommend counting calories when you are nursing to make sure you are eating enough. Even though I am eating well and working out I nearly lost my milk supply. I just started squeezing in a nuts and avocados in my meals. quick, easy and delicious fix. :)

Brandon said...

A lot of 'fitness' diets are very unsustainable. Any type of workout & diet combo that severely reduces carbohydrate will get you lean quickly...however you won't be able to maintain the energy output over the long haul. Eating a healthier diet like the suggestions on is a much better alternative. I've already lost ten lbs (fat!) and matched my personal best in the deadlift!