Saturday, April 30, 2011


I want to know what your take on recipes is. 

Are they something that should be shared or something that we should keep secret so that when you make them, everyone ooohs and aaahhs over you and the prized recipe you make but won't share?  Or maybe you feel that there are some recipes that should be shared while others should be kept a secret. 

I admit, having people go nuts over something you make feels great!  It's a sense of accomplishment that you know no one else can touch.  However, while I used to be of the mentality that I should keep the great ones to myself, I have changed my tune the past few years.  

My MIL would say that it's 'selfish' not to share recipes.  She's had one too many people tell her that they won't share a recipe for one reason or another. 

The internet is a worldwide cookbook in and of itself and I have found so many recipes that will be a part of my treasury for years to come.  Some I've loved as is while others I've adapted to my own or my family's liking.  A lot of recipes have come from friends and family members and some are concoctions we came up with ourselves.  

While my family has been eating pretty clean for a while, we still like to treat ourselves to a sugary sweet or dessert.  And with all the birthdays we celebrated last month and of course Easter, we've had our fair share of sweets.  And with Easter and all... well, let's not go there. 

I've decided that not only is sharing recipes a good thing, a blog is also a great way to keep track of recipes, sweet and savory.  So, I'm going to be adding a lot of our tried and true recipes for myself to keep track of and also for anyone else that might want to try them.  I promise to only post the real keepers, not the ones that were just mediocre.  And trust me, if I can make them successfully... ANYONE can.  I am the poster child for kitchen mishaps and blunders.  Besides that, I'm a very average cook/baker.  Nothing extravagant or fancy.  Plain Jane, here.

Some recipes will be clean while others are extremely dirty.  But hey, they're great for a cheat meal! 

Which reminds me, I never did share the recipes for the cakes I made from the Birthday Post.  That's first up...

What's your take on the recipe discussion?  To share, or not to share? 

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