Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clean Eating Challenge? Maybe?

Ok, so I have been extremely naughty these past two weeks.  So naughty, in fact, that we are adding a week to our P90X routine that is turning it into P97X for us. 

In the past two weeks, we've only done less than a week's worth of workouts and our diet has been terrible! 

The week of the Marathon was awful because with company in town and family gatherings, it's hard to have control over what is served.  This week started out alright and then BAM!  Easter happened.  Darn those evil Cadbury Mini Eggs!  (And other evil concoctions).  I feel awful!  Physically I mean.  I've been bloated and sluggish, not exactly the way I am accustomed to feeling these days.  And poor Anthony, he literally got sick!  He wanted to hurl all day yesterday, literally, after all the yuckies we've consumed. 

So, here's the plan!  I really really really really really need to get back to eating well.  My body is screaming for some real food again.  I've been thinking that maybe others need or want some motivation as well.  I thought about talking to Anthony and devising a plan....

Would anyone be interested in a Clean Eating Challenge?  We'll call it... The Clean Eating Challenge.  Clever, I know!  **takes a bow**

I will put it up on my blog in steps and at the end, I'm willing to bet that all participants (if I have any...) will be feeling better, looking better, and possibly may have lost a few pounds.  It works!  I promise.

So, is anyone interested or would I be wasting my time?  Maybe I'll do it anyway, or maybe not.  Depends...

Also, I will be posting Easter pics later tonight for those interested (Mom and Dad, Kortney).  And I've got a few stories to back them up, too! 

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LeShel said...

do you see my hand slightly raised. scared to death to give up my junk i depend on. i absolutely believe in clean eating and the tremendous results. would need SERIOUS direction.