Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Edition of Our Sunday Adventures

**SIGH**  and then another {bigger} **SIGH**

Sunday… again!  They come too quickly for my liking.

Today we decided NOT to go to Sacrament Meeting.  It was one of those mornings that Anthony and I both felt it best to forego the inevitable wandering of the halls and drinking of the fountains.  Anthony’s feet hurt anyway after his relay race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, WY… {yes he’s nuts, but that’s another post coming VERY soon}.  He didn’t feel like chasing the boys. 

So, we waited until just after noon, when Sacrament lets out. 

During the waiting process, while still at home, the usual chaos surrounded us.  C was beyond unreasonable in getting dressed, B was whiny and needy, and K insisted on making pancakes for breakfast.  Chocolate chip pancakes, no less and we left the mess all. over. the. counter to await our arrival back home.  There was too much going on to clean it up before church. 


As we entered the church, everything was looking to be on the up and up.  C was excited to go to nursery and so off to nursery we went.  Except that as I turned right to head toward the nursery, C turned left and RAN… toward the chapel!  Yep, he was headed for the microphone once again. 

Since Sacrament had just let out, the room was not yet emptied so as C is making a bee-line toward the pulpit, I am dodging people left and right, cutting through conversations and pushing people out of the way to get to my son, excusing myself as I go, of course.  I can hear comments, snickering and laughing all the way and I finally reach the stairs as C is about the reach for the mic.  Once again, the bishop had left it turned on.  Luckily, I was able to get my left arm out to reach his right arm in time so that all he was able to do was barely graze the mic with his hand as I pulled him away from it. 

Then he screamed.  A blood curdling scream!

And as I carried him down the stairs in the death grip of my arms, He SPIT… AGAIN!  Only this time it was at me!  And then he pulled my hair and grabbed my glasses off of my face. 

People are still watching with eyes of disbelief.  What is she going to do?  I can’t believe she lets him act that way… I’m positive these are the thoughts running through their minds. 

I get him to nursery… won’t go in.  Instead, he insists on screaming at me and pushing against the door frame to keep me from shoving him in the room.  At that point I figure if he goes in there in this condition, he’ll probably end up hurting another child out of anger. 

Out in the hallway he goes, against the wall.  We call it his ‘Time Out’. 

As the halls clear, he continues to spit at me every time I ask him if he’s ready to be nice.  Obviously he’s not ready. 

Anthony comes around the corner and takes over for me while I take B.  Thank goodness, my Primary class is waiting for me. 

Somehow {I didn’t ask for details}, C ends up in nursery.  Yay! 

However, I learn after church that he kicked a poor little guy {barely one year old} in the mouth.  The father of this little one happened to be in there and plopped in time out. 

EMBARRASSING!  So glad he did it but I am mortified.

He also spit when the nursery leaders asked him not to bring a stick in after their walk. 


I came home and cried. 

I’m pretty sure C is the reason that we are not invited to many get-togethers.  Or maybe it’s me… 

Anyway, C is also the reason that {when we ARE invited} we don’t attend many functions.  If it’s during the day and Anthony won’t be able to attend, I just can’t do it. 

The girls sometimes resent him for that.  I just wish I could somehow make him understand that he could have a lot more fun and more privileges if he would just behave and be nice to people! 

I love him!  I do.  He’s my little Dinosaur Boy.  I’m just at a loss.  Is he too young for solitary confinement?  Totally kidding, of course.

Looking forward to next week’s Sunday Adventures!  


Amanda said...

I am so sorry. Parenting sure aint easy huh?? Sending you prayers and virtual hugs. :)

Kristin said...

Two thoughts.
First- I did see C yesterday on the run up to the mic and I felt for you! I don't know what it's like to have a 3 year old (luckily, my boy is still stationary), but I hope you know that you're doing a good job!! Second- I forgot my camera on the weekend, but I snapped a few phone pictures and I blogged them today, one included Anthony, but sorry I don't have very many pictures. I hear that Carol and others took more? Hopefully you are able to get a few of those too. :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, that's so hard! At least he didn't spit on the bishop!

We are also social hermits right now. I think you just have to change your perspective. Think of all the moms you're helping. A lot of them were probably relieved to see that they're not the only ones to struggle with their kids.

And I'll definitely say a prayer for your little guy, and his mom. :)

Melissa said...

new follower from blog hop would love it if you could stop by

Cari said...

I feel for you! Although I admit I'm selfishly glad I'm not the only one who struggles through church! My husband's been the bishop for the last few years and we had 3 boys in 3 years so I constantly have one or two or sometimes three of them running up to the front and being obnoxious (like pushing the buttons on the stand control or trying to climb over the stand)...It used to really embarass me, but then I realized they should be paying me, I'm providing free entertainment and keeping everyone awake! Seriously though, hope things get better!