Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Sunday Adventures!

Though the reasons remain unclear, Sundays at our house are anything but the peaceful, relaxing, and restful days they ought to be.  While many people look forward to Sundays, I brace myself for the inevitable chaos that awaits me. 

The girls are always fighting, no one can find their shoes (even if we gather them together the night before).  A and H argue about who gets to where which dress to church since they wear the same size.  K cries and gets irritable because the hairbrush is nowhere to be found.  Once found, A gets upset if H wants her hair done the same way I just did A’s.  She absolutely HATES that people think they’re twins so the same hair do would only make it worse.  C runs around like a mad man… ok so that’s normal but on Sundays it feels like he’s got a turbo speed on his turbo speed.  He and B run around pulling things off of shelves and scatter toys all over the floor. 

Once at church, the chaos continues.  C needs to use the potty every 2 minutes {He thinks the urinals are cool} or he wants to run up to the microphone on the stand and ‘sing’.  B just absolutely refuses to sit for longer than about 10 minutes in Sacrament Meeting.  The girls have calmed down by the time we’re at church so luckily, I can leave them unattended in the chapel while Anthony and I tend to the boys.  I take care of B and Anthony chases C. 

There are times that I wonder if it’s really worth it.  Yes, I know the answer already.  I just have moments, that’s all. 

In an effort to keep things calm once we’re home, we do a quick clean up of the mess that C and B made before church and then make lunch.  The boys go down for their very late naps after eating.  11:00 church is rough on the nap schedule.  We’re not home until after 2:00 and they don’t go down until 3:00.  It’s rough!  However, the alternative (9:00) has it’s down side too.  We’re NEVER on time. 

During the boys’ naps, Anthony tries to have an interview with each of the girls.  Just Dad and daughter.  They can talk about whatever is on their mind.  Anthony just listens and gives advice when appropriate. 

Things are quiet and peaceful for a while. 

And then the boys wake up and the chaos resumes….

The last two Sundays have been especially chaotic.  Here’s why……….

A twirled her hair very tightly around this comb.  It took Anthony about half an hour to get it out.  He ended up having to break it to get it out.  She wouldn’t let me take a picture… Darn it!


C got sick just before bedtime.  He ended up in our bed yacking consistently throughout the night.  {He’s not yacking in the picture.  Just holding the bowl.}


Anthony, his dad and the kids were taking a drive and ran out of gas about 100 yards from their destination.  Yep, we had to break the Sabbath to get gas.  I was home visiting with his mom. 

C wanted a drink from the drinking fountain at church {during Sacrament, of course} so Anthony helped him get a drink.  After filling his mouth with water, he turned around to face Anthony and spit the water all over Anthony's crotch area.  Then he walked away as if nothing happened.  NICE!  I have to admit, I laughed.  I saw the whole thing {I was out in the foyer with B} and tried so hard to contain myself.  It was just one of those shocking moments that you can't help but laugh at.  Anthony just looked up at the ceiling in defeat and sighed.  What do you do? 

C decided to run up after Sacrament Meeting to ‘sing’ into the microphone.  Anthony had already dropped him off at Nursery but somehow he escaped.  When I went to check on him, they said, “he went that way.”  There he was, trying to ‘sing’ while the Bishop tried to keep him from grabbing {possibly ruining} the mic.  After peeling his death grip off the mic, I had him held tight against me so he couldn’t wriggle away and guess what he did as I tried walking away…

He SPIT at the BISHOP!!  Not like a stick out his tongue and spit… I’m talking a real spit spit.

Do you have any idea how mortified I was?  Seriously?  I was sooo embarrassed.  I felt my face turn bright red.  What do I say? 


Dear Bishop,

Please forgive me for my son’s behavior!  I don’t know what to do with him.  If you want to call us {his parents} into your office for some counsel, I completely understand.  I promise we are trying! 

If you have any advice about what to do with a child that spits every time he doesn’t get his way, please let me know.   We’ve tried everything we can think of. 

Sincerely Sorry,


P.S.  That goes for you, too, dear readers.  If you have any advice, I will gladly listen! 



Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You're hilarious! Our Sundays are never very reverent either. Though my 3-year-old has never spit on the bishop. That's a first. He'll have a great time telling that story when he's a bishop someday. :)

Sarah said...

How embarrassing! I suppose kids will be kids though. :|

I got a brush stuck in my hair when I was a child also, I used to hate it brushed, I'd have preferred to have one huge knot for hair than having it brushed. haha

I suppose it is a good thing that even after reading this I *still* want at least 10 children! :P

Found on NOBH!

Amber said...

Ha, I just posted on my Facebook on Sunday that weirdly, my kids behaved like hellions on that day. I don't get it.

Brooke said...

I know, I'm baffled. But it's good to know I'm not the only one.

Brooke said...

"...when he's a bishop someday." Oh boy! Wouldn't that be funny?

Kendra said...

I just found you on your blog. I am also a homeschooling mom with 2 crazy boys that are little hellions on Sundays also. We finally bribed them with candy from the bishop if they are good each week, my older son has done better, but my 3 year old just doesn't care :)