Monday, August 1, 2011

Not as Easy as it Looks…

They say that you once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget how.  That is TRUE!!


However, I’m here to tell you…

If it’s been a while {like maybe, oh I don’t know, 12 years or so} since you’ve been on a bike, it’s NOT as easy as it once was. 


Remember when you could just hop on a bike, ride for several hours with your friends, jump dirt hills and curbs {with no butt pain}, and most importantly, NOT have to wear a helmet? 

I remember those days. 


Well, when K and H were both invited to birthday parties this past Saturday {different parties}, A had nowhere to go and was feeling a little left out.  So, I told her we would have a Mommy-Daughter Date.  Anthony would stay home with the boys and we would do……. something. 

It was her choice.  Obviously, she chose a bike ride.  A bike is something that I’ve wanted to get for myself for several years now but we’ve never really been in a situation to buy one.  I’m completely unprepared and out of practice for such an adventure…

Really A?  Mommy doesn’t even have a bike.  She assured me that K would allow me to ride hers.  It’s a full sized woman’s bike.  So, before K left for her party, A asked her if Mommy could ride her bike {please say no, please say no!}. 

She said yes… UGH!  But that was ok because Mommy doesn’t have a helmet.  Because nowadays, you just don’t ride a bike without a helmet!  I mean, what were our parents thinking? 

Unluckily, Dad had one I could borrow.  Double UGH! 

Alright, I guess I better tough it out and just do it.  But doesn’t K’s bike have a flat?  {Or could I somehow make it get a flat?}  Unacceptable, I know. 

Anthony helped me get his helmet on my head.  I had never worn one before… ever!  Can I just say, without getting in trouble, that I was so close to telling my kids they never had to wear a helmet again.  It was not fun!

This is pretty much how I felt about the whole helmet deal.  {Please note that I had absolutely no make-up on and my hair was not done Winking smile}



A and I had a great time, despite the fact that my bum hurt every time I went over even the tiniest of bumps.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a good sign when your 7-year-old yells, “Hey Mom, try to keep up, okay?”  And then later in the ride, “Good job, Mom!  Just a little faster!” 

I never was able to catch up with her. 


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