Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My SuperMom Mom!

This is my mom...


She lives in Santa Barbara.  Yep, the Santa Barbara where the temperature is pretty much perfect all. year. long.  Hmph!  Who needs perfect weather anyway? 

Well, it just so happens that she is in town this week {for the first time since she moved 6 months ago… YAY!} and I’ve wasted no time putting our mother-daughter bonding skills to work.  She got here Sunday night, on her birthday, and already we’ve been shopping, had a girls night, been to the movies, had pedicures and manicures, and been to a concert.  It’s been sooo fun!  Love hanging out with my Mom!

Psssshhhh!  Who am I kiddin’, right?  {Not about loving to hang out with her, just for the record.  I really do love hanging out with her.}  She’s not here for me.  My five little rugrats are the real reason she’s here!  Besides, I don’t have the funds to do ANY of the stuff I mentioned.  And I’m not due for my once-every-20-years pedicure anyway.  I’ve still got 14 years to go!  {Only had one…… ever!  Six years ago.  Sad, I know.} 

I did, however, put her to work.  That’s right!  I’m that awesome of a daughter.  Only a mere 12 hours into her stay, I put her in charge of organizing my office/craft room.  The 12 hours was just enough for her to sleep, get showered and dressed.  You totally wish you had a daughter like me.  But in my own defense, she asked the question, “What can I do to help you?”  I took her up on her offer.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

I’m pretty sure she thrives on organizing things, anyway.  And since she failed to pass on the organization gene to me, she is my only hope of getting things done in there.  She’s one of those people that get started and it turns into a mass frenzy of just getting it done.  I, on the other hand, like to drag my feet.  There’s so much to look at and ‘go through’ as I go that my pace is that of a snail, or worse… what’s slower than a snail? 

Anyway, the point is, she gets it done!  And once she gets going, you do NOT want to get in her way.  You might get run over.  Come to think of it, my sister is that way as well.  Why did she get the ‘clean’ gene?  Oh, that’s right!  I stood in the wrong lines in heaven.  **Sigh**

But my office is looking really good!  And guess what… I haven’t scrapbooked for years but I will get to do it again!  All the supplies have been buried in my black hole {aka the extra bedroom downstairs}.  Literally, BURIED!!  I don’t even know how to use the tools anymore.  Most of it was only used once.  Actually, that’s an exaggeration.  Most have never been used.  I’m so excited to pull it all out again and get to work.  It might look like the scrapbooking styles from the year 2000 because that’s how behind the times I am in that area but hey, at least I’ll be doing it, right?  And at some point, I’ll get caught up.  Someday!

Isn’t my mom awesome, though?  She truly is a SuperMom.  Maybe one day I’ll be a SuperMom, too.  Do you think I ought to give her a break and let her do something fun with the kids?  Maybe the zoo on Thursday?  I think yes.  But only if she’s done with my office by then.  Better get crackin’ Mom!!  Winking smile


P.S.  I’m thinking that I need to start a new weekly post entitled, ‘Our Sunday Adventures’.  Seriously, we have some of the most entertaining adventures on Sundays.  Quiet and peaceful?  NOT!


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