Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things I’ve Discovered This Summer… Part 1

This summer has truly been a season of discovery for me.  Here is a brief list of some of the things I’ve discovered{in no particular order… except the order I put them in ;)} and summer isn’t even over yet!

***Pinterest – Seriously, the coolest thing ever!  Can you believe I had never even heard of it until about a couple months ago?  It’s true!  Once I heard about it, I knew I needed to be part of it.  I asked around on facebook to see if anyone had an invite to send me but nobody knew what I was talking about.  So, I requested an invite via the site itself.  But after researching, I found out that people who had requested an invite months ago were still waiting

Who wants to wait?  Certainly not me so I researched more and came across one of the founders email addresses.  Sneaky, right?  I emailed him and was pinning away by that evening!  It’s like Bookmarks or Favorites on STEROIDS!! 

The whole invite thing is kind of silly to me but hey, who am I?  I don’t make the rules, I just email the founder and demand an immediate invite!  :)

If you aren’t pinning yet, I highly recommend you do so.  I’ll even send you the invite if you don’t have one yet.  As far as I can tell, they regenerate once I’ve used up all six so it shouldn’t be a problem.  But if it’s a problem… I know’ a guy… He he!

I still don’t completely understand the whole thing.  I’m pretty technologically challenged.  Just today I received an email from Pinterest informing me that someone had ‘posted a comment on {my} wall’ {and then it showed me what was said}……… Thank you Cyndie!!

I have a wall?  I knew I had a wall on facebook but a wall on Pinterest?  I had no idea!  When I went on a quest for said ‘wall’, I found nothing!  I can’t find where this comment is written.  But a big thanks to Cyndie for helping me to realize I have a wall at all.  If only I could find it.  It’s a wall for crying out loud!  I should run into it, no?


***I really can put myself out there. --- I’ve been blogging for about three years now {this blog is new so don’t go searching for older archives}.  It started as a family blog.  One where I wrote about daily happenings.  Every little boring detail of every little thing.  It started out public but I shortly made it private.  But it got old fast.  I had no one commenting anymore and wasn’t even sure that people were reading it.  The journal aspect of it was there but looking back at it, even I get bored reading it!  There really wasn’t much feeling, just facts. 

Then I switched to a new blog, made it public and it was fun but I didn’t put many pictures and really didn’t have much of a readership.  Then I started evaluating and and dissecting what I loved about the blogs I followed regularly.  That’s what I wanted!  Something that people come back to.  A blog with feeling and emotion along with fun!  I wanted to make new friends in the bloggy world and bring my old ones with me.  I wanted to share what I love and what I know.   

Enter, THIS blog!  It’s still my journal.  It’s a place to document my true feelings and have a ton of fun!  It has truly become a passion for me.

I know there will come a time when someone will disagree with something I say and make it known.  That's what always held me back before.  I was so scared of criticism and backlash.  Being generic and untrue to myself at times was safe.  I could hide behind it.  I’ve realized that I don’t need to hide.  It’s much more fun to be me!



***P90X is nearly impossible in the summer! --- It’s true!  The kids are up earlier and go to bed later.  And we’re just too dang busy!  Anthony and I finished our first round just as summer started… we’ll resume this fall. 



***I really don’t like decisions! --- My mom has been furiously working on a header and button to beautify my blog.  I haven’t the slightest clue how to do either and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.  So, she had lots of fun with lots of different ideas and we kind of settled on one but now I’m just not so sure.  You may have noticed that I now have a button on my sidebar but is that truly the one I should use?  HELP!! 

I’d really appreciate your advice.  Which one of the hundreds {exaggeration} of buttons do you like?  She can make a header to match. 


Number 4 is the one on the sidebar.  Obviously, it’s kind of the one we based the first 5 on.  My cousin thinks number 7 is too baby shower-ish.  Do you agree?  I really like the last one but you can’t read the slogan anyway.  Does that matter?

I can’t stand it!!  It’s giving me anxiety. 


And now it’s late so this will have to be Part 1 of a two part post.  I have much more that I’ve learned over the summer.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, which button do you like… be honest!  And let me know if you need a Pinterest invite!

And now for Part 2!  I'm just adding it here so as to spare you yet another post {because trust me, I've got a whole lot comin'!}

***My Spider Veins Are a Part of Me --- I wish I could say I went through all five pregnancies without so much as a stretch mark, spider vein, or saggy lady parts (sorry, but it's true).  Sadly, I can't say that.  I've got all three!  Have I scared you off yet?  Can we still be friends? 

I've learned to accept the saggy parts of me and the stretched out parts of me.  Those can be hidden.  And the spider veins can, too... if I wear pants!  It's been years since I've been in a pool.  Yes, years!  My spider veins are hideous and I can't stand them!  But they've held me back long enough.  I will no longer let them keep me out of the pool.  {Something I just decided this summer}  If people don't like them, they don't have to look.  Swimming is much more fun when you're actually IN the pool. 

There, I said it!  I feel much better... and maybe a little embarrassed, but mostly just better.

***Facebook pages and Twitter --- I learned how to make a facebook page for my blog although I'm still learning what to do with it.  And Twitter... well, that's another story.  I'm there, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing... at all.  I'm a terrible Tweeter {Twitter-er}  I'm just a Twit.  And I've got a whopping 3 followers!  Three!  Am I the BOMB, or what?   


Kristin said...

Hi Brooke! This is Kristin from the ward. (We met in the foyer... remember?) I found your blog because your husband mentioned your "apology letter" to the Bishop and I wanted to read it. I laughed out loud. (I think your kids are so cute, by the way!)
I like button #4 the best. My blog is Anyway, glad I found your blog! :)

Jessica said...

I really like number 6. I like simple!

Brooke said...

Jessica, I was thinking the same thing as I looked them over today. I thought, Hmmm... I think that one is so me. I'm just a simple girl.

LeShel said...

Made the raspberry cream cheese bread.... making it again, SO DELICIOUS. where is the clean eating you ask? IDK
Love pinterest. I spent way too long looking at all your stuff. Very cool. Don't know if I want to get started. So many things to do already.
As for blog button. I don't make decisions, sorry.
Your fudge looks amazing but I'm going to have to pass, I have bread to make.

Brooke said...

You just let me know if you decide you're ready. I'll email you an invite as soon as you give me the go ahead. ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed the bread! I know... clean eating? What's that, right? It's ok, just keep it 80/20 and we're good! The bread is your 20%... as long as you don't eat too much of it....

MINDY said...

I agree that P90X is too hard to get around to in the summer! We have fought that same battle....but we will be starting up again soon! :-)

I love reading your blog! I laugh out loud sometimes!

We really need to get together soon!

Michele ºÜº said...

I like the last one and didn't realize there was a slogan there. Maybe the slogan could be bigger. I like it the way it is though. :)

PS. I cannot find the comments made on my Pinterest wall either.

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