Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Charge For Awesomeness!

{Sorry Kristin.  Totally stole your title but seriously, what else do you call it?}

Way back in high school, Anthony LOVED to run.  At least that’s what he always claimed.  He said it made him feel free and helped clear his mind.  Did I believe him?  Sure, why not? 

But if I’m being honest, which I am, I had never known him to be a runner.   

A few years ago, we started a mental bucket list and on his list was to run a marathon.  Me, being the skeptic that I am, thought… Ok, Anthony.  You go right ahead and put that on your list.  Oh, and good luck with that!

I know, such a supportive wife I am.  But to his face I was much more, what’s the word… encouraging.  Oh, ok.  When are you planning to do that? 

Well, maybe not much more encouraging.  You get the idea.  It was a good thought and that was all I thought it might amount to.  Like I said, I’ve never known him to be a runner. 

But then last year, he started doing some early morning runs with a neighbor of ours.  These runs eventually turned into a half marathon.  The Canyon to Canyon Run, which Anthony missed the sign up deadline for so he ran without a bib, a number, or an official time.  But he still had fun. 

His running depleted to almost nothing after that and there it stayed for a while.

Then, in February, he announced to me that he was going to run the Salt Lake Marathon.  He would begin training that very next morning.  And guess what happened that next morning… NOTHING!  He slept in and declared the next morning as ‘the one’. 

Again, nothing. 

This went on for a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, the SL Marathon was drawing nearer and nearer. 

In March, we started P90X and for some reason, that seemed to light a fire under his roonie.  He was out the door training for that marathon in no time!  AND doing P90X with me {because seriously, if you’ve ever done P90X, you know it is nearly impossible to do on your own… I NEED HIM!}

And so, in April, he ran his first marathon with his oldest sister {she runs it every year… She’s pretty much SuperWoman!}.  One less thing on the bucket list!  His goal was under 4 hours.  He missed by only a couple of minutes.


As soon as that race was over, plans were made to go up to Boise where he and his sister would run The Great Potato Marathon.  That time, he made his goal, just barely under 4 hours and he won his division!  Go Anthony!


But most recently, he was recruited by a guy in our ward to run a relay race with him, some family members and other friends.  12 man team.  They would only be running from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Ummmm, HELLO!!  Yes, he is nuts!  Along with every other member of their team, No Charge for Awesomeness! 

Oh and I have to tell you that everyone in his car {there were two cars total} kept calling him Superman.  Really?  I’m pretty sure his ego didn’t need to be fed any more than it already is.  He was pretty fast and ran the second hardest set of legs of the race.

I love you Anthony! 

But seriously, he’s been on a kick after losing over 30 pounds and being able to ALMOST keep up with Tony Horton on P90X in the pull-up department.  He’s just proud of himself.  He really ought to be.  He’s worked hard to get to where he’s at. 

Anyway, back to the relay… here are some pics of the event.

And yes, Kristen, I have noticed that the longer I wait to post something, the less detailed I am.  Gotta do better about that!


{The sleeping arrangements… looks ‘fun’ to me.}


{Apparently the driver was pretty hot… looking? or from running?  I know not.}


{Yoohoo!  Anthony, the camera’s over here.}



His future running plans include the Logan Marathon next month and eventually, he’d like to be part of the 50 club.  {A marathon in every state.}

Anthony is now convinced that he’s going to get me to run a marathon {or a relay} someday.  Psh!  He’s got another thing comin’!  You see, I believe running is of the devil.  I don’t run… besides, when I do I look like a fairy.  My mom has always made fun of the way I run.  No one wants to see a big prissy girl running by.  Actually, maybe they would.  It would give them a good laugh. 




LeShel said...

GO ANTHONY! You seriously rock. Wish I knew your secret.

Words of advice for Brooke, if you get started you'll get addicted.

Emily said...

You are funny! I want to get started with running...but I just seem to not be able to wake up early enough. See in good old AZ, it's 100° by 9am.

But awesome job to anthony! My brother rode his bike in the STP in Washington a few weeks back. Insanity for sure!

Kristin said...

Nice photos! It was fun to read- and I was glad I got to be a part of it (the excitement, not the running part)! :)

Toni said...

Its so nice to do things you love. Congratulations it looks fun.