Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Future QB?

**Sorry, apparently I thought I could keep the video private but still let YOU see it.  It should be working now.  DUH**

Anthony would say definitely YES! 

I say, “Son, go for something less physical… Golf, maybe.  Or better yet, chess!”

Chess seems safe enough, no? 

But every day… every. stinkin’. day… C plays catch with his daddy.  And he loves it.  I just hope I can dangle a bishop or a golf ball in front of him one day and he’ll fall for it. 

Doubtful, I know. 

Here he is working on his speed and agility {not to mention bobble-headed-ness} in Anthony’s old pads and jersey.  Makin’ his daddy proud!





Briana said...

I am following your blog from the Wild Wednesday Hop! You have a great voice for writing!

Kristin said...

Awesome. I'm glad he has such training discipline at his young age. :)

Michael Ann Riley said...

Hi Brooke. Good to see you again. THAT is the cutest thing EVER!! Look at those giant shoulder pads!!

My boys don't play football (on teams) but my youngest son did manage to break his ankle while playing football on the playground in school! That was 4th grade. He's had one broken bone a year since. Maybe he's just accident prone.

The Big Green Bowl

Silverfaerie said...

When my son got into football his 6th grade year, the uniform was bigger than he was. It was too cute.....

Your newest GFC follower from the About a Mom: Wild Wednesday Hop! Looking forward to seeing your wonderful posts! Would love it if you would visit mine :)


doreen said...

Oh how cute!! Football is the scariest sport for me to watch my little grandkids play!! Silly but I like hockey and baseball better!
I already follow just stopping by to say hello...I already follow via Wild Wednesday Hop!

momof12 said...

My son is playing pee wee football. Some days he loves it and some days he hates it. Thank goodness he is on the line so I don't have to worry too much about him getting hurt.