Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let the Madness Begin!

Can you taste it?  Anthony sure can….



I have a love/hate relationship with football and fall in general.  You see, this is the time of year that I usually feel like a single mom.  For the past several years, Anthony has coached little league. 

No, we don’t have a son on the team.  Our oldest boy is only 3, remember?  So, why in the world would he coach?  He just loves football that much.  Every year when they take team pics, the photographer asks which boy is his son {because they get a pic for free or something… I don’t know.}  They are always surprised when he tells them that none of the players belong to him. 

The teams he has coached thus far have always been kind of the underdog team.  They never win many {if any} games but they sure have fun.  And the boys love Anthony.  He’s tough but they love it. 

You may be wondering how many of his games I actually went to.  I’ll tell you, but don’t judge me, k? 

NONE! Nada! Zero! Zilch!

I attempted it… once.  But remember, I have a son named C {click here if you haven’t ‘met’ C, yet}….. enough said, right? {Oh, and I’ve got a flood of stories coming… watch out!}

Haven’t attempted to attend a game since.  I am MORE than positive that he would end up on the field during a major play, and be pancaked under a lineman or something.  Are they the big guys?  I don’t know who’s who. 

Anyway, this year, I put my foot down {I was ‘blessed’ with large ones} and said NO to him coaching.  I couldn’t take another year of Little League {4 nights a week}, endless football talk, AND season tickets to the UTES!  {Anthony, his dad and his BIL buy tickets each year}


Look at that face… it’s like a kid on Christmas morning!

The Ute games I can handle… once a week for 12 weeks.  Heck, even I get into it!  And only half are at home, the others we get to enjoy in our living room WITH Anthony.  Woohoo!

It will be so nice to have a husband this fall.  Even if it does mean incessant Ute/football talk.  I have to remind him sometimes that I have absolutely no clue what he’s talking about when he says things like “Statue of Liberty play” and “off sides”.  The extent of my football knowledge is “touchdown” and “quarterback”.  Seriously, that’s about it.  But it’s fun to watch.  Does that count? 

Wait, wait, wait!  Let me clarify.  The UTES are fun to watch!  I don’t really care about anyone else. 

And now I have nothing more to say except…


go UTES!


OH, and my prediction…. 28 – 17 {for the Utes, of course}


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That's awesome that he coaches for fun! Though I'll bet you'll love him taking a year off. My husband agreed to coach a tennis team this year, only because he likes to play, and I'm not happy about it.

I'll bet C is going to be a fast moving quarterback someday. :)

Missy said...

Pretty good guess at the score! I guess like the football lovers in my house you gave Montana too much credit. Lol. I think what football season means for me is lots of blogging while the football game is on. At least we are in the same room that way right?