Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things My Kids Will Never Know

Think about all the things you grew up with (or without) that your kids will never have the privilege of knowing.  We can thank technology and just the changing times for that.  This is my list of the top 15 things my kids will never know.

  • Watermelon seed spitting contests because who buys watermelons with seeds anymore?  I sure don’t!

  • VCR’s… I made mention of a VCR the other day and my kids were completely lost.

  • Cassette tapes… enough said, right?

  • Riding a bike to the field down the street. First of all, not only do we NOT have a field down the street but, um, hi!  Scary these days! 

  • Cars without seatbelts. My family had one for a short time growing up.  Seriously, NO seatbelts at all.  It was a very old car, even then.  My kids are properly belted at all times.  Except maybe on our way to and from church… sometimes.  Don’t judge me, k?

  • Road trips where you made yourself a bed in the back of the car and lounged around in any position you wanted.  All the while NOT wearing the seatbelt that IS in fact built in to your car.

  • The original Strawberry Shortcake… what a tragedy.

  • Cell phones that are literally the size of a brick, though I’m pretty sure they weighed more.  Maybe not.  Quite literally for emergencies only because who wants to tote that thing around in their purse?

  • Video game cartridges that you had to BLOW into to get it to work.  Somehow, hot air was always the answer ;)

  • Atari… Classic Atari. 

  • Penny candy.  There’s just no such thing anymore. 

  • Commercials.  Everything is on demand or Tivo’d {hmmm, not sure how to write that one} so we can fast forward through all of them!

  • Baby Alive dolls that had a pump on the back to make her chew and swallow.  Now she’s electronic.

  • Sleepovers with friends.  Yes, I had them as a kid and loved it!  However, we feel it best to not allow friend sleepovers for our kids.  They get to have sleepovers with cousins but that’s it.  Call me crazy!

  • PeeWee Herman... thank goodness for that, no?



What else can you think of? 

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