Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Art of Taking Awesomely Funny Pictures!

So, I may not be a photographer (although I still say that if I had a fancy shmancy camera I’d be a heck of a lot better…) but I know a good picture when I see one.  I also know a funny picture when I see one.  And what you’re about to see are some FUNNY pictures, yo!  (I don’t really talk like that.  I just wanted to try ‘yo’ on for size… I don’t think it fits.)


I believe it was my cousin that taught me this handy dandy trick.  So handy, in fact, that I may have made everone  I encountered give me their best slurber for a whole month after learning it.  All in the name of taking a hilariously embarrassing picture.  (Maybe I’ll post some after I get their permission…)  But I must warn you, before getting into this here ‘tutorial’, sometimes it takes many many many tries to get the best picture. 

Oh, and the subject has to know how to slurber just right.  You may have to demonstrate.  People just don’t know how to slurber these days… **sigh**

What’s a slurber, you ask?  Oh you know that sound you make when you’re playing with a baby or young child.  The one where you are trying to get them to blow bubbles in the water or the sound that a horsey makes… THAT sound.  With your mouth.  Ya got me?  Good!

Ok, so you can’t just do any ol’ slurber.  It’s got to be an exaggerated slurber.  Lots of air, lots of lip flapping.  Loosen those lips!  THOSE make for the best pictures!  And you can’t laugh.  Those ones do not turn out.  This is a serious matter, people… ;)

The other day while having our nature study, we got our slurbers on and took some pics.  I’m pretty sure I won… What do you think?  






I’ve gotta teach these youngens of mine a proper, picture worthy slurber technique.



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Dana said...

I would say you won, hands down! Too funny! I needed the laugh thanks. So Slubber On my friend...