Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrity Look Alikes

When I first met Anthony’s mom, she insisted that I looked like Cher.  My father-in-law agreed. 

Hmmm, that was a new one for me.

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My cousin has always told me that I resemble Julia Roberts…




Anthony, has been told many, many times that he looks like either…



Patrick Swayze or…


Brett Favre.



I can see the resemblance somewhat for both.  You?


Most recently, my father-in-law said to Anthony and I, “I hope you aren’t offended by this but do you know who C looks like?  Peewee Herman!” 



Oh boy!  As sad as it may be, I see what he is saying.  It’s gotta be the haircut. 

But I think his buzzed head makes him look like Curious George.



What do you think?  Are you ever told that you look like anyone?


RoryBore said...

actually, when I saw your pic, you kind of reminded me of Anne Archer. She was in Patriot Games/Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford. Look at pics from early in her career - although she's still totally gorgeous I think.
It's your have that wonderful sparklie smile that everyone wants, and the warm eyes. hence the Julia Roberts

hubby definitely ringer for Brett

LeShel said...

When you first said Cher and Julia Roberts I wasn't sure and then I looked at the pics and I think both are very true! I'm also thinking hubby could be either of his look alikes. Crazy. C is sticking cute and I'm going to go with Curious George over Pee Wee simply because that man makes me crazy! Plus, give him a different cut and I'm not seeing so much of a resemblance.

I constantly get told I look like Drew Barrymore. This makes me laugh because Kjel can't stand her. Hilarious, don't you think!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Maybe you are a cross between Cher and Julia, but I think you look better than both! And your husband definitely resembles his look alikes, though C is so much more handsome than Pee-wee!

Dawn said...

Wow, I do see the resemblance in all the photos when looking for them!

Kristin said...

I see it too! Although I think C looks more like Curious George. :)

Brooke said...

Well thank you! I looked up Anne Archer. It's hard to see myself in any celebrity's face. I guess that's true of anyone.

Brooke said...

LeShel, I can totally see the Drew Barrymore thing! I had never noticed until you mentioned that but I can see it now. But I happen to LOVE Drew Barrymore. I think she's beautiful! In fact, my favorite movie of all time is Ever After...

I may have to let C's hair grow out so as not to remind people of PeeWee. I forgot to mention that I can also see both Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler qualities in him.

Brooke said...

Anthony definitely does resemble Brett Favre now. However, I should have posted a younger picture of Anthony (back when he had a mullett... YIKES!) He really did look a lot like him. People used to call him 'Pat'.

Dana said...

I can see Ann Archer. But I also see something in all of them. Guess that makes you uniquely you!