Thursday, September 8, 2011

C at Tumbling… just in case you needed proof

Remember when I said that C’s first tumbling class didn’t go so well?  And remember when you thought, She’s just exaggerating a bit.  I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.  Because I read minds…  I know that’s what you were thinking. 

Ok, maybe not but I took my camera with me this week to his class.  I had high hopes of him proving me wrong but I think this week was even worse. 

However, he did STAY in class this time.  He just gave the teachers a run for their money the entire time while Anthony and I watched through the window {I actually typed ‘winder’ at first} ‘through the winder’ in complete and utter embarrassment.  Any advice from you seasoned parents out there is more than welcome. 

You’d think we’d be seasoned after having had three 3-year-olds before C but I’m tellin’ ya, he is a different breed of child. 

And now I present to you… C’s tumbling class, in pictures {and videos}.


He’s the one with the gray bum sticking up in the air in position for a somersault.


He’s supposed to be stretching.


See how good all the children are being.  Such great listeners.  And then there’s C….


The end of this one is my VERY favorite!!


And now he’s sure that class would run better if HE were in control of the music… selection and volume.  The poor teachers aren’t buying it.


Anthony was NOT amused.


Where is C in this pic, you ask?  He’s behind the mat against the wall.  So, they move it…


…to here.  That doesn’t stop C from getting back there.  I am mortified at this point.


I intervened.  I went in to talk to have a chat with C and finally got him to listen to his teachers…. for half a second.  See?  He did ONE cartwheel.


And then he reverted back to his previous antics.  We were there for a total of 25 minutes of his 45 minute class.  We skipped out early to hopefully make him realize that he needs to be respectful of his teachers and classmates. 

I think next week I’ll give him an early warning and leave at the next antic.  No? 

I’m pretty sure the poor teachers are going to paper, rock, scissor for him next week.  Best of 5 takes C this week. 

It wouldn’t surprise me! 

Does he have ADHD?  I’m seriously contemplating having him evaluated. 


Kristin said...

I shouldn't laugh, but he's just so cute! Great post. And you're doing great as parents!
My friend's little girl likes having at lease 2 senses utilized at all times, so while she is always on the move, she is super cute!
C is too!!

Leila said...

I love the name of your blog! I had to laugh because I have a younger sister named Brooke and they recently started calling her Babblin' Brooke a few years ago! Love it!

New follower from Wednesday's blog hop!

Working Mommy said...

Honestly, he is just being a kid. Lulu does that too and she is far from having ADHD - she just likes to do things her own way sometimes. Don't be so quick to jump to a diagnosis and beg for pills - kids don't need that. Maybe he is trying to tell you that kind of activity isn't his thing. Maybe something else - like swimming or football - would be better instead?


Brooke said...

Actually, my husband and I are very much against pills even if he does have ADHD. I would just like to know. I'm actually going to do some research to see if I can find a way to get him to focus on ANYTHING! I've heard that food dyes and sugar are triggers for ADHD so I think I will research that and see what I can find. Maybe I'll find something to help us out. We're just trying to get him involved in something to get some of that energy out. Wish I could bottle it up for me!! Thank you for your comment.

Brooke said...

Us Brookes, we really do like to babble ;) Thanks for following!

Brooke said...

Hey now... no laughing! Just kiddin'. He really is a cute little stink. I just wish I could bottle up that energy of his for myself.