Monday, September 12, 2011

“And in the mornin’, I’m makin’ waffles!”

That’s what Donkey says to Shrek when he decides to make himself at home in Shrek’s swamp….. in case you were wondering about the title. 

And now I have a confession.  I have never, ever, in my entire life, made these waffles. 


I have, however, eaten them many, many, many times and I am in love with them.  Someone that lives with me makes them every Saturday morning.  Can you guess who? 

No, it’s not Anthony.  He makes the bacon to go with these waffles.  I have a phobia of making bacon.  It always splatters at me and I want to cry.  So, I finally told Anthony that if he wants bacon, he’ll have to make it himself! 

I’m so glad he wants bacon… because I want it too.  I just don’t want to make it.  Plus, he’s got it down!  He makes perfect bacon!

Back to the waffles… it’s K that makes them. 

She loves making waffles and pancakes.  But she didn’t master the art of pancake making until just recently.  Waffles were the first step and she’s got it down to a science.  Boy am I glad she likes making waffles because I sure enjoy eating them… along with the bacon.  Smother the waffles in pure maple syrup and it’s heaven! 

I admit, I was skeptical of the whole wheat thing at first but truly, they are very good.  

This recipe comes from a book I got when I bought my K-Tec Blender so I don’t really know what to call it.  The K-Tec Blender Cookbook?  So if you want to blend up the batter, be my guest.  K just makes it old fashioned style…. a big ol’ bowl.  She always triples the recipe for our family though.  Below is a single batch.

Whole Wheat Waffles

3/4 c. milk

1 egg

1 T. oil

1 c. whole wheat flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp. salt

1 T. sugar

Mix all ingredients together and VOILA!  Make waffles. 




Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for reading my blog. My family loves waffles on Saturday mornings...but we have not tried wheat ones. Thanks for sharing. I love that you are scared of bacon :) I get it. It does splash at you and it hurts. Your cooking daughter is a cutie and sounds like my son. This saturday..."I'm making waffles"!

Nikki said...

YUM! These look so good! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again with more great projects!

Working Mommy said...

those look so good!


Kay Maynard said...

Hey Brooke, Bake your bacon!!!!
Or see my pin under recipes on pininterest

Ann said...

Microwave your bacon--paper towel underneath and over the top no mss, super easy cleanup!

Brooke said...

Ann, thanks for the tip. I'll have to try that. I didn't know you could microwave bacon...