Tuesday, September 20, 2011


{When you say it, make sure the ‘oo’ has the right sound… it’s ‘boops’ as in boots, not ‘boops’ as in books.}

Now that we have that settled…

C loves The Incredibles.  He would watch it all day every day if I’d let him.  And since he’s pretty much got the whole movie memorized, he knows that Incrediboy has “Rocket Boots”. 

They make him fly.

And now, C has superpowers too, thanks to his ‘RockaBoops’ (not to mention the Superman Shirt)! 



It’s great when your kids can be frugal by passing down their old stuff to their younger siblings.  However, I think we may have to turn in his ‘RockaBoops’ and trade them for another color. 

Not so sure he’ll go for it.  He’s become quite attached to them.

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