Monday, September 26, 2011


When tragedy strikes, one tends to put more focus on the important things in life.  We might pay more attention to the little details of our surroundings or hug our family members a little tighter.

Recently, tragedy struck right within my own ward.  A senior couple in my ward had been gone for 7 months on a mission in Texas.  They were loving the work and more importantly the people they were working with.  But just this past Thursday night, Ann Jones was badly burned by a flash fire in the double wide trailer she and her husband were living in.  By early Friday morning, she had passed away.   (See the story here.)

I can't tell you how loved this woman is by the people in my ward and just by people in general.  She was/is an amazing daughter of God.  I am positive she is continuing her mission in the Spirit World.  I have no doubt!

She was A's first nursery leader when we first moved into this ward.  The nursery was non existent until we moved in because there were no nursery aged children (18 months - 3 years).  Sister Jones was called as the nursery leader just for my little A.  A loved Sister Jones and Sister Jones loved A.

This woman has been such a great example to me and many others.  No one could have expected something like this to happen.  It's really made me take a look at myself and where my priorities lie.  Am I spending enough quality time with my kids?  Am I repenting for the things I need to repent for?  Have I been to critical of my kids or Anthony today?  Did I make them cry?

The whole thing has really put thing into perspective.  Life is so fragile, and so precious!  It can be taken away in an instant.  Am I ready?  NO!  I need to work harder at the important things.  Make sure I make time for the important things.  Put the first things first and fit the rest in later.

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Kristin said...

I bet Ann loved little A! Thanks for sharing. It really does put things in perspective!