Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Helpers

My kids LOVE to help out in the kitchen!  They love cleaning and doing the dishes. 


No really, they do!



Ok, so maybe they only enjoy it when they’re under five.  After that it’s more like You’re on your own, Mom!  I’m outta here!

So, even though B doesn’t always put things in the most appropriate spot…


and sometimes C thinks it’s appropriate to use a dish or a utensil and then put it back in the drawer or cupboard…

I’m grateful to have at least two little willing helpers around the house.  Even if it does create a little extra work for me. ;)





Mindy Harris said...

i'm a new GFC follower. HI!

Pidg said...

New follower from Soleil Selene :) My little helpers are older now and help less than when they were lil. Varmints I tell ya!

ashley said...

following you through soleil selene! my little loves to "help" too