Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Readers,

Have you ever visited a blog, loved the content (or at least some of it), and subscribed or followed only to find out that it’s not quite what you had bargained for? 

It happens… I know.  Maybe you love the bloggers recipes and crafts but don’t really care for her dog grooming tips.  Or maybe you are intrigued by her family life but don’t really care about the gardening tips she posts.  And sometimes, you may not be into the tattoo aspect of her life. 

I’ve had it happen many, many times.  I like certain things, not so much the others.

Well, my blog happens to be a collage of many different aspects of my life.  I could easily create a new blog for each different category and have plenty to say on a regular basis about each of them.  However, that would just take too much time.  Time that I just don’t have. 

And so, I’ve decided to add subscription feeds (in the sidebar) to each of the different categories.  That way, if you are not a homeschooler and don’t really care to read about my homeschooling ideas and thoughts, you don’t have to.  Or if you are just here for some simple, but yummy recipes, you can subscribe to that only.  Maybe you think my random babblings are just ridiculous and pointless.  Sometimes they are, I admit it.  But now you don’t have to read them!  Oh happy day!! 

Each category will be updated regularly.  Once in a while, a post might be categorized under two different categories but I’ll try to keep them to one so that if you are subscribed to a couple of different categories, you won’t get a double dose.  ;)

I just want to have more options for readers.

But hey, if you enjoy reading all my crazy babblings, that option is there as well.  The WHOLE shebang! 

Am I the hero or what?  (Rhetorical) ;P

But really, I’d like to thank all of my readers for sticking with me.  I really do appreciate every comment and your words of encouragement.  I’ve also really enjoyed making new friends, even if we haven’t personally met.  Your blogs are fun to read and often inspire me. 

And thanks to everyone that has followed me from my old blog.  I still love hearing from you, too.

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Briana said...

I hope people don't do that! They will never know they just might learn something they never knew they wanted to learn! Did that make sense? And I'm getting the postcards this weekend!