Monday, August 1, 2011

Easy Felt Hair Bows

This is a bow that my daughter learned how to make at an Achievement Days activity for our church.  Since then, she’s been making them for birthday presents for her friends.  They are so easy and fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a piece of felt, beads and/or jewels, marker, cup, glue gun, scissors and hair clip.


This was her felt of choice for this particular bow.


You’ll begin by tracing the opening of the cup onto the back of the felt with a marker five times {recognize that cup from the soda can hair bows?}bow3


And now cut them out, just inside the marker lines.  Reserve one for the base.


Run a zigzag pattern of hot glue down the middle of each of the circles.  And fold it in half.

{Hers looks more like a dot but a little more than this is necessary}


Now do the same thing on the half circle of felt and fold in half again.


Do this four times, remember to reserve the fifth one as a base.


Glue each of the pieces onto the base with the point in the middle. 


Cut a small piece of the leftover felt big enough for the clip to hold onto.  Run a zigzag pattern of glue over it and glue to the underside of the hair bow.


Add a jewel…


…and some beads… and VOILA!!  So easy, a kid can do it!!



Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Very cute! My daughters would love to help me make hair bows. I recently bought a glue gun and love it. Such power! :)

Luana said...

I've been wanting to get a bike to go riding with my son, but I've not followed through with that thought for the same reasons you had talked about lol.. But it looks like you had a really fun time and I bet your daughter will remember it always!

I'm following your blog from Wild Wednesday blog hop. Have a great week!

Luana said...

I'm so sorry! I placed my comment on the wrong post hahaha.. these bows are very adorable though!

simply heidi said...

Adorable. I think I'll make some with my daughter today. I wonder how they would work with felt as the base, but another fabric as the "petals"? Might have to find out.
BTW: My daughter's activity day girls camp did hair flowers too. Just a different style. Are these the new relief society ceramic statue? :)

April lilly said...

You did a great job I made some with my daughter fun and easy thank you