Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Prompt Link-Up #2 & Our Weekend Project

I think I said I was only going to do this once every other week but I changed my mind.  Let’s do it EVERY Sunday.  :)

Thank you to everyone that participated last week.  I really do appreciate it. 

There are just a couple of things I want to remind you of.  First of all, please link up your actual post URL, not your homepage.  Also, make sure you link to this hop at the end of your post (or anywhere else in your post) so others can come and link up if they would like. 

Here are this week’s prompts:

  • Show or tell about some of your favorite Halloween costumes either that you’ve worn yourself or someone else that you know has worn. 

  • For you sports enthusiasts, if you could own any professional sports team, what team would it be and why?

  • Show us a project that you are currently working on. 


Feel free to answer just one, two or all three.  And they can be combined into one post or separate posts. 

I’m going to link up my favorite costumes later in the week but for now, I wanted to share a project that we are currently working on at our house.  You won’t get to see the finished project until later but I guess that’s why it’s called a current ‘project’. 


When we first moved in to our house almost six years ago, we had only three kids.  H was the baby at that time.  Our home has three bedrooms on the main floor which was perfect!  Anthony and I took the master, obviously.  H was set up in the room directly across from ours while the two big girls set up camp in the room right next to H’s. 

As H got a little bigger, she really wanted to be with the other girls and would scream each night when we put her to bed.  Finally, we decided to let her try sleeping in the other girls’ room with them.  The rest is history. 

Then little C was born.  He started out in our room as each of our babies has but when the time came for him to move out, he was moved into H’s old room.  We never got around to repainting it so he’s had to deal with a lavender room for all of his three years… sad, I know.  Not only does he have to deal with lavender walls, he’s also had the pleasure of dealing with a multi-colored (pastel) ceiling fan with flowers.  We’ve heard no complaints yet but I’m sure they’re coming. 

Did I mention that we also have two bedrooms downstairs?  Well, in all the time that we’ve lived here, those two rooms kind of became the JUNK rooms.  Actually, one started as an office while the other served it’s purpose as what we affectionately call “The Black Hole”.  That room is where all of our crap went!  Anything that we weren’t using or didn’t need at the moment (aka stuff we were hoarding for who knows what…) lived in that room… along with a bunch of spiders. 

Basements and spiders, ew!

The Black Hole became so full at one point that it actually did start spilling into the office.  Not good and not fun! 

So one day, we decided we were going to move the girls downstairs.  It was a great thought!  Except that I had a bit of anxiety over the whole idea because the thought of my little girls being all alone down there kind of scares me.  Am I nuts?  I mean, any number of things could happen.  What if someone breaks in through a window down there and I don’t hear it?  What if there’s a fire down there and they don’t hear the alarms?  What if, what if, what if?  It was quite unnerving! 

Anthony finally convinced me that it was a necessary move and he did have a point.  We were pregnant with little B and the girls were beginning to get quite annoyed with each other at night. 

“Mom, please tell them to go to sleep!”

“Mom, she’s not staying on her side of the bed.”

“Mom, they won’t be quiet!  They just keep talking!”

And so, it was decided.

We moved the office upstairs to their room and moved them in with C.  Yes, all 4 of them in one room!  We even got them a bunk bed so they would all fit more comfortably.  Then, we attempted to clear out the rooms downstairs.

Anyway, long story short… it never happened!  The rooms continued to collect junk and little B is STILL in our room with us, sleeping in a Pack n’ Play.  He’s 19 months old. 

I know what you’re thinking – Mom of the year, right here! 

So finally, just this past week, we got the ball rolling!  Here it is before, in all it’s chocolate mint glory (cans of paint left from previous owner, we just wanted it not so HAPPY… see last two pics), and fresh mud to cover up the poor job done by whoever finished the basement in the first place.


But seriously, you should have seen it before we painted it the chocolate and mint colors.  It was this bright orange…


and this bright yellow.


Oh and the baseboards and ceiling were bright green but I have no evidence of that left.  Whoever chose those colors was a VERY happy person, I’m sure!  It gave me a headache.

So, that’s our current project.  It’s now been primed and repainted but you’ll see that later, when it’s all done.  The girls are so excited!  This is actually going to be H and A’s room but K will share it for now until the other room is finished. 


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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Exciting you are getting it done! We have my oldest three in one room right now. I'm not sure Mase is so fond of the decor, but he doesn't complain. I'm not quite ready to move my girls downstairs yet, but soon. :)