Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Finest Moment & a Little Advice

Oh how I wish I had a picture of this moment!  I know how it felt, but I have no idea what it looked like.  I’m pretty sure it was beyond hilarious which is why I’m glad that only A and H were there to witness it. 

So, I named this post ‘My Finest Moment’ but let me tell you, this was anything but! 

The other day, while sitting in my daughter’s tumbling class, I kept watching the teacher as she was teaching the kids how to correctly do a front handspring.  Every one of the kids (including A) would attempt it and end up leaving one hand on the ground in an attempt to save themselves from falling on their bums.  It worked but leaving the hand down causes you to twist out of a proper handspring.

The teacher then told the kids that it’s ok to land on their butts.  “Sometimes, you need to land on your butt a few times in order to get it right.  It’s much easier that way than to try and get out of the habit of leaving your hand on the ground.”  Something like that, anyway.

She was kind enough to show off her handspring a few more times and each time I thought, She makes it look so easy.  I wonder if I could do that.

Keep in mind, I have never ever, in my entire life, done a front handspring.  I used to do back walkovers like it was going out of style back in the day but that was the extent of my tumbling experience.  Not very impressive, I know.  And no, I can not do them now.  I can do the back bend but my core is too weak to help me get over. 

Well, the next day, A was practicing her tumbling sequence for her performance and I went downstairs to check on her.  I had to make sure that she was doing her handsprings properly. 

Darn that hand, it just kept wanting to stay right there on the ground, twisting her out of a handspring. 

That did it!  After a couple more attempts by A, I decided to demonstrate the ‘proper’ way to do a front handspring.  I knew ahead of time that I would not do an actual handspring and it wouldn’t look nearly as beautiful as her teacher’s handspring but I could at least show her how to properly land on her bum.  THAT is how I would land, not on my feet. 

I went to the very corner of the room, did my step, step, hurdle (just as the teacher taught) then handspring. 

As I placed my hands down and all my weight shifted to my arms, I realized something…

I’m heavy!  I better push hard to get myself up and over enough to land on my bum. 


Before I knew it, I had landed………….

FLAT on my BACK!!

I couldn’t breathe. 

The wind was knocked out of me for a good couple of seconds (looooong seconds) and I had an instant pounding headache.

It’s ok, you can laugh.  I am laughing right now just typing this.  And yes, I really am that awesome.  This is a true story. 

I turned to A and said, “See?  Like that!  Except try to land on your bum, not on your back.”  I pretended to be just fine and even pasted a smile on my face.

She said, “Oh, ok.”

It didn’t even phase her, thank goodness.  I, however, may be scarred for life.

I immediately went upstairs rubbing my temples and hoping the headache wouldn’t last too long. 

My advice?  If you weren’t able to do a handspring in your prime, you probably shouldn’t be attempting it now as an old lady.  It could spell disaster. 

I really wish I had a video recording of it.  Next time I try something stupid, I’ll be sure to hand the camera to one of the kids. 

But I promise, the teacher just made it look so easy!  Looks can be deceiving, my friends….



Emily Buck said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm so sorry, but that is hilarious! Good for you for even being brave enough to attempt! I don't think I would even consider the idea. I can't even do summersalts anymore because of the headaches I get afterwards. Man, getting old sucks!

Cari said...

Hey, thanks for the good laugh! I shouldn't but I can just picture it and I did them a few times as a teenager and I remember how it feels when you don't make it over. Ouch! Hope you didn't pull anything! And sorry, I will stop laughing now!