Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Big Deal!!

I thought I should share a few things that we should all be grateful for.

--Our teeth!  I’m grateful that I have my own.  So what if you take your baby (19 month old) to the doctor, speak with him, laugh when he says something funny, then realize in the mirrored elevator that you have a nice little black speck (probably pepper) stuck in them in a very obvious spot.  No big deal.

--Clothes!  Even though I don’t have many, I’m glad that I have some… even if they are falling apart.  It shouldn’t matter that you notice a nice hole forming in the yoohoo area of your favorite jeans while sitting indian style in your daughter’s tumbling class.  No big deal.

--Refrigerators!  Seriously, what would we do without them?  It’s just a good thing I have two.  Not that it’s a big deal that the older one can serve either soft serve ice cream or a solid brick.  I like surprises!  Do you think it’s a problem that every once in a while it gets really hot on top?  Like, almost too hot to touch?  No big deal, right?  It’s just making soft serve…

--Cars!  Again, what would we do without them?  I can’t imagine having to pull a handcart or ride a horse and buggy around.  I am NOT Amish.  I assume you’re not either.  But anyway, it’s not a big deal at all if your Suburban has had an almost dead battery for months now.  And if you’re pretty sure that it won’t start tomorrow, no big deal.

--Dishwashers!  Only washing half the dishes each load is perfectly normal.  And when the kids break the handle so it no longer latches and it flaps open several times during each load, no big deal.  Simply shut the door again and wipe up the water with a towel.  NO BIG DEAL!

--Neighbors!  Sending you 11 giant zucchinis and six overgrown cucumbers is awesome!  No big deal that you don’t have any freezer bags yet.  Grab some tomorrow.  You’re going shopping anyway, right?



Kristin said...

Soft serve... it's making soft serve! :)

LeShel said...

Love this post. LOVE YOU!