Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Donut Falls–Our first hike

Have you ever sat and pondered how beautiful our world really is?  Oh man, it is truly amazing!  Sometimes I wonder how it is that I can be such a homebody.  I’m not exactly what you might call ‘outdoorsy’.  It’s kind of sad.  I’ve never truly learned to appreciate the wonderful creations of our Heavenly Father.


My kids are often the ones that help me to see the beauty in nature.  They have a nature study every week in which they take their nature journals and draw.  Nothing complex, they just find a few things that they think they might enjoy drawing and sit quietly to draw.  It can be anything from a rock or a leaf to something much bigger like a tree or a sunset.  The best part is, while I look at what they choose to draw and see a plain ol’ rock or a dead leaf (and sometimes even a bug… ew!), they see how ‘cool’ something is.  They see so much more than just an object.  They truly see beauty.  And they absolutely love to be outside.

And that is why I can’t believe it took us until just this past Friday to take the kids out on a hike – for the first time!!  Not just the first time this year… the first time EVER!

We drove up to Donut Falls (which truly is only a hop, skip and a jump from us) and set out.  The kids, especially C, had the time of their lives!  The hike up there is only about mile and pretty easy even for the little ones.  There are only a couple of parts that we had to maneuver ourselves up and over a pile of rocks.  No biggie.

It truly was beautiful!  I was able to see past the ‘stuff’ and actually see the beauty in this wonderful world God gave us.  What an amazing gift!  The pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.

donut falls 1

We had a lot of fun.

donut falls 2

{Only real men wear pink!}falls6

C only fell once…. he was having so much fun, I don’t think he even noticed.

donut falls 3

We took a few group shots… along with a family one (shadows count, no?)

donut falls 4

I am truly grateful to be living in this beautiful world.  And I am even more grateful to my kids for showing me how blessed I truly am!

What are you grateful for?


LeShel said...

I LOVE the donut falls hike. It is a simple hike but with just enough difficulty for kids to feel like they accomplished something more than a walk in the woods. Then, in the end you get to see a waterfall. I'm wishing I could hike that today. Glad you're family went.

Cari said...

I just took the boys hiking there last week! I don't consider myself much of an ourdoorsy person either but my husband grew up here and could live outside year round so he has drug me along on many an outdoor adventure- rain, snow or shine. We took them "hiking" in Kentucky on the flat, now my boys are getting a taste of real mountains and they love it. Yesterday I asked my three year old if he could go anywhere in the world where he would want to go and he said "the mountains". Daddy would be so proud ;)

Kristin said...

Shadow pictures totally count- I love them! And... I think it's great that you took a picture of C when he was on the ground. Did your conversation go something like..."Quick Honey, get the camera out!" :) Maybe not, but I always think of getting out the camera in moments like that!