Monday, October 10, 2011

My Super Awesome Texting Abilities

Sad, but true fact… I, Brooke, owner of this here blog, had never sent a text….. until TODAY!!  

I’ve never had a desire to learn.  But our mobile provider just came out with this new snooty tooty plan (I have no idea what it’s called) and it came out to be less expensive to get the whole shebang for BOTH our phones than what we had before.  Anthony already had the whole shebang.  I had very basic service. 

Here’s a list of things that I knew how to do with my phone before today: 

  1. Answer an incoming call.

  2. Make a call.

  3. Listen to my voicemail.

  4. Turn my phone on and off. 

  5. I’m pretending there’s a 5th thing…. that’s about it!

Yes, my phone has a camera.  I don’t even know how to get to that function.  However, my kids find things on my phone that I didn’t even know were there!  Calendar?  Alarm Settings?  Awesome!  When I try to find them, I swear they disappear.  I don’t even know how to store someone’s phone number in my phone so their name will pop up and stuff when they call.  I’ve done it once or twice… quite by accident, but don’t ask me to do it on the spot!  I’ll just memorize the phone number instead.  Good thing I’m pretty good at it, eh?

Well, today I needed a phone number from Anthony.  I called him for it.  He said it would be easier to text it to me. 

He’s lucky I figured out how to open a text.  Don’t laugh, it took a minute.

His message was simple:

{Phone Number}, love ya!

Ok, so I’m a big huge nerd.  That simple message just made my day! 

In an attempt to show off my super awesome abilities (the ones I hadn’t even tried yet :)), I wrote a text back to him:



Holy cow!  It took forever!  And now I know why I like to have REAL conversations. 

Here are the messages he sent back to me.


Oh how I love my Afony!

And now I can add ‘texting’ to my list!  Albeit a very slow text, it’s texting nonetheless. 

What did you learn to do today?





Briana said...

Pretty soon you will be super quick like me! :)

Julia Armstrong said...

Congrats! I kinda like your turtle speed doing most things...It is unique to you.