Saturday, October 15, 2011

New! A blog prompt blog hop…Do you Wanna?

So, I had this brilliant idea!  It happens once in a while.  And sometimes, my brilliant ideas turn out to be – shall we say, not so brilliant? 

But this is NOT one of those brilliant ideas.  At least I hope not.  If you’ll join me, it could be really fun. 

Have you heard of journal jars?  If not, here’s the idea… you have a jar that is filled with prompts for writing in your journal (or diary – whatever you may call it).  You can use it on those days when you just don’t know what to write about or just for fun any time.  It may ask you to give a favorite memory of your grandparents or name a favorite TV show as a child.  Just something to spark an idea so you’ll have something to write about.


I happen to have a strong testimony of journal writing and keeping a record for future generations as well as being able to look back at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  It’s so important to document major events as well as the not so major.  You never know how or when our experiences, properly documented, could aid someone else’s decision making, help heal a heart, bring others to know the gospel, or just give them a good laugh when they need it.  And I don’t believe it matters much where these things are documented (personal paper journal/diary, blog, Windows document, etc.) as long as they are documented.

How else will my posterity know all about my quirky ways and be able to feel better about themselves because Great Great Great Grandma was an absolute weirdy?  No one will be able to tell them more about me than me.   

And as I look back on my personal paper journals, I realize that I am very good at documenting facts but not the real me.  I guess I just don’t feel like I’m talking TO anyone.  My blog is a better place for that.  I feel like I can really be myself because I truly am having a conversation with you, my readers.  Thanks for being my readers.  It means a lot to me. 

Sometimes I’m really good at writing in my personal journal when I’m really down.  The thoughts I am sometimes afraid to share with anyone.  But those are few are far between so I have major gaps in my journal.  Besides, it’s much easier to type things out than to have to write everything.  I think I’m more detailed on my blog because I can do it so quickly in comparison. 

But sometimes I get stumped.  Writers block, if you will.  A prompt could definitely help.  So, I was thinking that every other Sunday, I could give 3 different prompts for you and I to choose from and we could write a post about it and link it up.  Maybe make some new friends and get to know each other better.  What do you say?  Sound fun? 

Some prompts might be silly, some serious.  You can choose to write about just one, two, or heck, go for all three.  There will definitely be times that I do all three! 

But be sure when you’re done with your post to come and link it up.  And hey, if you don’t mind, maybe link to the prompt post so that others can join if they’d like.  I’ll leave the link open for a full 7 days so that we all have plenty of time to write and link up.  I should get a button… I will, soon. 

I really hope you’ll join me.  If you don’t have a blog, I’d love to see how you would answer in the comments.   


Ok, so here are this week’s prompts (by the way, can anyone think of a catchy name for this little bloggity hop?}

  • What is your favorite smell or smells?  (Mine is fall.  The pumpkins, leaves, crisp air… all of it!)

  • Name some things you will miss in twenty years about your life now? (This is what I will be linking up!)

  • What trend did you fall victim to that you wish you never would have followed?  (Swearing for me)


Alright, now it’s your turn…  Trust me, it is definitely possible to write a whole post about any one of these.  Or maybe I babble too much...?{And no, the picture at the top has nothing to do with anything.  I’m just excited that it’s fall!!!}

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