Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

You might remember that my family Boo’d our neighbors the other day.  Well, technically, even though we started the Booing process, we had not yet been Boo’d.  Which means that we did NOT yet have a ghost in our window.  So guess what…

Last night, I came home with K (from her dance class) to three VERY excited kids (A, H, and C) asking if they could have a cookie.

Me:  Cookies?  We don’t have any cookies. 

Kids (jumping up and down):  Yeah we do!  We got Boo’d!! 

Me:  We did? 

Kids:  Yeah, just a few minutes ago!  So, can we have a cookie? 

At this point, I was giddy.  Yes, I think I was more excited than they were.  It was bedtime but I said yes to having a cookie because being Boo’d calls for celebration indeed! 

Even Anthony couldn’t help laughing at my perma-grin.  It was obvious that I was excited to see that it was working.  It’s been several days since we originally Boo’d someone so I have no idea who Boo’d us. 

We tore open the package and dove in.  I handed cookies to B and C…

And THEN I remembered that I needed to take a picture.  So, I snatched the cookies back up in a hurry (mean Mom moment, I know) to the detriment of my poor boys.  I packaged it all back up the best I could and snapped a photo.  Then I divvied out the cookies… again. 


Ok, so the cookies are lookin’ a little backwards and it’s not nearly as pretty as it was originally but you get the picture.  And we now have a cute little ghostie taped to our front door.  So festive ;)

Now, the question is, who do we Boo this time?  And what do we give ‘em? 




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